Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walk like an Egyptian...All Tanned & Ready to Go

It's been a long, cold winter and I was as pale as the winter snow.

The temperature is heating up and I scared myself the first time I uncovered my legs this spring. So as my trip to Disney gets ever closer, I decided to get my first ever spray tan.

I definitely have too many body image issues to stand in a tiny room with a stranger pointing a tiny spray gun at me. A friend recommended a tanning salon in a nearby town that has an automatic spray tan booth. I immediately thought about the Friends episode where Ross's spray tan experience goes all wrong! (I like to try and compare my life to episodes of Friends as often as I can!)

But I was game and went tonight after work. After driving around for a few minutes because my friend's directions were "it's over the railroad tracks but before the courthouse - near the lot where we used to cruise through in high school," I found the place.

The girl behind the counter was super-nice and walked me through the process. When she showed me the 4 poses I had to strike, the first thing that came to mind was "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles.

Don't you think this guy was probably singing it in his head?

Despite inhaling a lot of the spray tan through my nose, the experience was positive and we'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see how "tan" I get.

Until then, I'll just be walking like an Egyptian, smelling a little wierd (no shower for 6-12 hours) and looking in the mirror to see if I've turned orange!


  1. I thought for a minute that you spray tanned this guy!!!! Hope it works and you're a nice glow tomorrow!

  2. lol. I thought that guy was someone you know! I'll be interested to see how it turns out!

  3. I love that episode of Friends where Ross is like "I'm a 4!" Now the question is if you had to compare yourself (and 2 friends you have) to the characters on Friends which one would you be?? I am definitely Monica because I bake and a control freak.

  4. You crack me up! You'd get along great with my hubby. He LOVES Friends.

    You should talk to Jeannie about spray tans... she had a "it's not easy being green" moment the other day.

  5. Have a super-dy-duper time! Muah!



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