Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where There's Fire, There's S'mores!

Mom called this morning and said "Your dad wants to burn the brush pile so we are going to roast hot dogs." I replied, "What time?"

Because with my family, where there's fire - there's s'mores!

While we normally enjoy a bonfire once the sun goes down, with Daylight Savings Time that's not until after 9 p.m. this time of year and it was Sunday which means a school night for the little ones and a work night for the older ones, so we started earlier today.

BTW, I'm not complaining about the longer evenings because this means I can usually get a walk in after work even if I work late!

This was a special bonfire. It was our first at the log cabin my dad is building. My dad had always wanted a pond so a couple of years ago, he had one built. Then he wanted a log cabin, so he and a neighbor (who's a master builder) are building one. It always amazes me the breadth of skills my dad possesses! I guess that's a farmer for you!

He also roasts a mean hot dog...

and a great marshmellow!

There's an art to making a perfect s'more. The chocolate to marshmellow to graham cracker ratio has to be just right. Today we used the small snack size Hershey milk chocolate bars and had to ration them so we wouldn't run out. Soooo, our s'mores were a little light on the chocolate.

But they were still enjoyed, especially by some of my nephews.

While others just wanted the marshmellows.

Time at the cabin also means Gator time. No, we don't have alligators in central Indiana. I'm talking about a John Deere Gator - something else my dad had to get once he got his pond and started on his cabin. It's more fun getting from the farm to the cabin in the Gator than it is in the truck!

Tonight my nephews pretended they were the A-Team and the Gator was their van. (My brother-in-law enjoys introducing them to old TV series!)

I was told that I couldn't be B.A. (aka Mr. T). I guess the lack of gold chains and mohawk disqualified me - that and I was a GIRL. But they did let me be the girl in the show, you know the one that stayed in the van.

After a while, pretending to drive wasn't enough so Grandma took them on a ride.
I can't wait for many more evenings at the cabin this summer. It's a time for family. It's a time to be outside. It's a time for fun. His smile says it all...


  1. So fun! We used to sit by our firepit almost every evening. And then we had Adam...and life changed! Wanted to burn garbage today, but it was wayyyy too windy!

  2. I love hanging out by the bonfire...
    I love that your nephews know the ATeam.. that is funny. I have my 11 hooked on The Love Boat. lol.
    The pictures are great.
    Hope you get back to the cabin soon.

  3. We love having my bonfires by the pond at the farm. My in-laws have also always wanted to build a cabin back there so hopefully they will someday soon.

  4. When we were up @ Cleveland Clinic last weekend, G saw a golf cart transport in the sky walk. He yells, "LOOK!! It's an alligator!!" I about fell over...but whether it was from laughing out loud or hiding my face in shame I'll never tell!! Sounds like you guys had a great time!!



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