Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Comic Relief

What's a girl to do when the server is down at work for almost an hour?

Clean out her desk drawers.

After I threw away some expired vitamins and two-year old Splenda packets, I found a collection of comics that I have cut out of the newspaper over the years.

This one is a favorite. 

I forget if she is analyzing her Facebook profile or her profile on a dating site, but it's a hoot. Mainly because I totally relate to it.

"Eating cold cereal" as a main interest. Check.

Never read Hamlet. Did in high school, but remember the movie more.

And, absolutely, 100 percent, this is still one of my favorite lines from Friends and I use it myself when people ask me to do something that I don't really want to do...

Gotta love Phoebe!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are You Going to Watch

I have to admit that I am intrigued.

Kevin Costner vs. Bill Paxton

Dances with Wolves, Bull Durham and The Bodyguard vs. Twister, Apollo 13 and Big Love

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

The History Channel's new TV series, Hatfields and McCoys, has caught my attention. So much so that it's going to get some precious space on my DVR.

But my fascination with the show is not necessarily because of the actors or storyline, but mainly because of the song in the commercial.

Have you heard it?

It captures my attention every time it comes on. So much so that I looked it up and bought the album this week! The song is Bartholomew and it's by the Common Faults.

It's actually playing as I am writing this post.

A funny thing happened while I was searching for the song. I found another album that I fell in love with simply because the name of the songs were similar and the beginning of the songs are similar (probably not to real music fans) so I got a bit confused!

If you have not heard of The Civil Wars, I suggest you check out their album Barton Hollow. It's in my playlist rotation.

What's new on your playlist?

I'm about ready to hit "buy" on Jack White's new album, Blunderbuss, and I recently bought Jason Aldean's My Kinda Party because I am a sucker for songs that give shout outs to my state (Fly Over States).

If you tune into the History Channel tonight on Monday (thanks Rajean for pointing that out) for the Hatfields and McCoys, let me know if it's worth hitting play on my DVR this weekend. It's going to be 90 degrees outside so I may need some indoors entertainment options!

Note: The links in this post are affiliate links but the opinions are completely my own. The History Channel and the mentioned artists (including Kevin Costner) have absolutely no idea who I am or that I am writing this post.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Instagram Style

 I think Jent over at From My Front Porch said it best, "I might need an insta-vention!"

I have realized that my blog is full of Instagram photos and also that my life is chronicled there now too.

Here are a few random photos from my phone/Instagram that sums up my life over the last couple of weeks!

Church Festival fun

Fishing with Papaw

Grandma and her girls


I'm addicted, seriously

Poor gal's version of a Peppermint Mocha

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flowers to Brighten Your Day

I took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather and filled my planters this weekend.

I always struggle with what flowers to buy, what colors to mix, how to arrange them. 

But I think I did OK this year. 

What do you think?

I didn't plant these daylilies this year but they were so pretty I had to take a photo.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Friday Confessions

I confess that I left my purse at home this morning and my ONLY thought was "How am I going to get my Starbucks?"

Thank goodness for my Starbucks App on my iPhone.

I confess that I turned around and went back to Starbucks this morning because I swear they gave me black coffee topped with whipped cream. What is up with that? When I pay THAT much for a cup of fancy coffee (if you can call it coffee with all the extra stuff in it), I want what I ordered. 

I confess that I judged a few people at my church festival NOT the place to be judgmental, huh? But, I am was just too easy.

I confess that for some reason it takes me DAYS to put away the Jenga game after my nephews come to my house. I swear every other toy is back in the toy closet (yes, I have a toy closet but no children) right after they leave but I leave Jenga in the middle of the floor for days.

Is it a game OR an art piece? 

I confess that I am very excited each Friday when I reach into my mailbox and pull out US Weekly! Gotta love 30 minutes of mindless entertainment. I don't think I have ever read an actual article from start to finish in the magazine but I do love the photos!

Linking up to Friday Confessional over at A Blonde Ambition this week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Celebrating Chocolate Chips

It's National Chocolate Chip Day.

A view of my own private stash...

At least it is according to Facebook, so it must be true, right?

Have I ever told you that I think chocolate chips should be a food group?

No, well I've thought it before.

To celebrate I decided to share some of my favorite recipes from this blog that have featured chocolate chips. 


Do Not Judge Me and My Beer

I  met a friend last Friday night for dinner at a local restaurant that I had been meaning to check out since it opened several months ago.

I got there first so I grabbed a booth and ordered a drink - a draft Blue Moon. Yum!

The waitress asked if I wanted a regular size or a Texas size. I went with the Texas size with the thought that I wouldn't have to order another with dinner. was ginormous.

You may be thinking, that doesn't look so big. But believe me, I had to use to hands to pick the mug up when it was completely full. I looked at the menu again and discovered it was a LITER of beer. Yikes.

It was so shocking that more than one person who passed by my table that night did a double take. 

They judged me, I know it. My friend even commented on it. It was a bit disconcerting.

The one and only other time I felt as if I were being judged because of the beer in front of me was when this happened...

It was 2 for 1 beers at a Milwaukee restaurant...the only catch? You had to take both beers at the same time.

Normally this would not be such an issue. You could share with someone else at your table or the two full glasses of beer wouldn't be so noticeable with other glasses on the table.

Unfortunately, I was alone on a business trip. Yep, just me and my two beers.

People were judging me that night too. I just know it.

In my own defense, I left an inch of beer in my Texas size mug last weekend. I swear.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What Would Betty White Do

I asked myself this very question a couple of weeks ago.

What WOULD Betty White do if two little punks rang her doorbell on a Sunday afternoon and ran off?

Source: via Sheila on Pinterest

I'm sure it would have been much more creative than point her finger at them as they rode their Razor scooter and bike down the drive and yell, "I see you guys!!"

Yes, I'm sure Betty White would have had a much better comeback than that.

Of course, after I asked myself what Betty White would do, I asked myself when did I start considering Betty White as my role model and when did I quit asking myself what Rachel or Monica would have done?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Mom and Missing My Grandmas

Happy Mother's Day to a mom who raised four daughters.

From the years of posing us for the annual Christmas card shot. (I'm the one sporting the ultra-cool sweater vest.)

To the years celebrating the milestones like graduations, weddings and births of grandchildren. (I'm the one rocking the denim dress.)

My mom has been a great role model, strict taskmaster, good sport (we tend to tease in my family), and ultimately a wonderful mother.

Happy Mom's Day!

While this weekend has been fun, celebrating Mother's Day with a relaxing cookout at my sister's house last night (look for my pasta salad recipe later this week), it's also been bittersweet.

Not only is it the first year of my life when I don't have either of my grandmas here to celebrate the day. Tomorrow is also the second anniversary of my Grandma K's passing.

I miss them every day, but I am always thankful that they were a part of my life for 30-plus years.

 Granny H

Grandma K

My Grandmas and Me

So, to all of the moms out there, I hope you have a wonderful day. You deserve it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Better with a Straw

Random Question of the Day

Why do I drink twice as much water if it is in a cup with a straw?

I'm trying to drink more water. 

I even posted this on my bulletin board at work...

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I'm not quite up to 8 cups a day, but I'm close.

The trick for me is a cup with a straw. I know. I'm not 8 years old, but what can I say, I like a straw.

I even bought one of those reusable cups with a lid and straw and it works good when I remember to use it. I usually end up re-using my cup from a lunch out until the straw starts to look "used."

What can I say, I'm classy that way.

Everything is better with a straw. Water, soda, "adult" sodas (the ones you shoo your nephews away from), margaritas, everything!

Note: The link in this post is an affiliate link and I'm up to one cup of water so far this morning - just thought you might want to know.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Rediscovering Richie

It's Friday!

It's Quattro de Mayo. We celebrated the Cinco a day early! Thinking about celebrating again tomorrow.

It's time for another Confessional Friday! It's been a while since I've participated. So let's get started.

1. Have you listened to Lionel Richie's new album - Tuskegee - featuring duets with country musicians? I really liked it and was super-excited that he included Dancing on the Ceiling and Say You, Say Me. Brought back some memories.

2.  I'm two weeks into trying not to repeat outfits at work. I have SO many clothes in my closet but I tend to rotate the same 6-7 outfits or variations of the same outfits over and over again. I'm kind of enjoying digging through my closet and choosing items I haven't worn in a while. Best thing is, if I don't like how something looks or fits, it goes right into the donate pile.

3.  Found another use for my handy dandy tube squeezer (like this one) other than on the toothpaste tube. It works great to get the last of the moisturizer out of the tube. In the past, I've cut it open at the top but it's messy and annoying.

4.  I've always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby - not for the race but for the hats and the mint jelups! I am not a hat wearer but I totally would break one out if I got the chance to go to the race and show it off.  Have you ever been to the Derby?

5.  I am super-excited for Frappuccino Happy Hour and was a little disappointed that I missed it today. However, I was drinking a margarita at the time, so my disappointment didn't last long. Totally going to try one of the new Mocha Cookie Crumble variety. Yummy.

Head over to A Blonde Ambition for more Confessional Friday posts!

NOTE: The links to products are affiliate links, like usual. The links to A Blonde Ambition are simply because I love her blog!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On My Doorstep

After what can only be described as an "adventurous" drive home (Baby Sister and I swore each other to secrecy), I was excited to see this waiting for me outside my garage door.


Even though I have been using the Nook and Kindle apps on my iPad to read more books lately, I am still a huge believer in books. I sit in front of my computer all day, use my iPad to take notes in meetings and am forever on my iPhone.

So the last thing I want to do to unwind in the evening is to pull out my iPad to read. My eyes need the break from brightly lit screens.

Don't get me wrong, Leah over at Beyer Beware convinced me to read the sample of Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle: Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker; Fifty Shades Freed through Amazon and I ended up buying the trilogy and reading them back-to-back-to-back on my iPad.

But, I am equally excited to dive into Nora Roberts' second book in her The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. Thanks to Amazon Prime (have you signed up for the free one-month trial yet?) this book landed at my door the day it was released with free shipping and for a good price.

Since I have my month of free 2-day shipping, I may have jumped online last night and ordered a gift for a baby shower later this week. Cross your fingers that 2-day shipping, means 2-day shipping! There also may be some toilet paper making its way to me too. How weird and random is that?

Do you use Amazon Prime? If so, what are your favorite deals?

What about Overstock? Any other good sites out there?

Please share. I have 20-plus days left with my free membership so I want to take advantage!

NOTE: There are affiliate links included in this post. Nora Roberts, E.L. James, and their publishers do not know who I am so they didn't ask me to mention them. Though, if Nora Roberts happens to read this, please know that I am a HUGE fan - have been for years...ever since I found one of your books in my grandma's shed as a teenager! 


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