Thursday, June 28, 2012

Losing My Mind and My iPhone

I think I'm losing my mind slowly.

Or, at least, I'm losing my stuff lately.

In less than a week, I have lost an iPad and an iPhone in plain sight.

If it weren't for this app, I may still be looking for them.

Do you have two "i" devices? If so, I highly recommend downloading the Find My iPhone app on them.

I don't care if they can use it to track my every move. It's not like I lead that exciting of a life.

"Look she went to Starbucks...where is she heading now? CVS. The grocery store. This chick is wild and crazy."

It has saved my sanity on more than one occasion, including a harrowing 6 hours in Charleston when my iPhone decided to tour the city in the back of a airport shuttle van.

Back to losing my stuff in plain sight. This morning I set my phone down and 2 minutes later I couldn't find it.

I searched upstairs. I searched downstairs. I searched the car.


I grabbed my iPad and sent an alert to my phone and waited.

Then my iPhone rang and lit up 5 inches from where my iPad was sitting. In my defense, it was partially hidden by a plastic bag.


Note: I received no compensation from the makers of this app. It's just saved my bacon a time or two.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Staycation Plans

 Korean War Memorial - so moving.

After back-to-back trips to DC for work (and one cancelled flight), I'm ready for a true "staycation" next week. I looked around the house and realized that I could keep busy for an entire week just doing the stuff I've been "meaning" to for a while, like...

 Finally opening my Flat Abs Pilates DVD and using it.

Making recipes, not just pinning them, like this Chicken and Rice Casserole
as well as all of the others on my Pinterest board.

Taking these dollar store buys and turning them into this
and maybe tackle a few other pins on my "I'm Going to Get Crafty" board.

May throw in a trip to Ikea, a birthday lunch with my nephew and a lazy afternoon by the pool!

Note: There's an affiliate link on this page but, as always, the opinions are my own!

Monday, June 25, 2012

I am a Worrier

I worry.

I worry a lot. 

I am a worrier. 

Great now I have that song in my head. You know the one..."Bang. Bang. I am the warrior."


What do I worry about? Since you asked...

I worry when someone asks me to do something (either at work or in my personal life) and I have to say no. I want to be helpful. I want to prove my worth. I want everyone to be happy (especially with me).

I worry when someone else is upset (or hurting or mad) and I can't help them. What can I say, I'm a middle child. I want to fix things.

I worry about my nieces and nephews. Do they have friends at daycare/school? Do they get picked on by other kids? Are they picking on other kids? Are they picking their noses in public?

I worry when the corn at my parents' house (and across the county and beyond) looks like this.

We haven't had a significant rain in weeks (it may qualify as months by now) and there is none in the forecast this week. Couple that with several days of 90 degree weather and we may be looking at a very long summer.

I worry about my brother-in-law and other farmers just getting started (and those who've been farming for years) who have taken out loans to put a crop in the ground just to see it sit there and dry up. Farming is not for the faint of heart and I feel blessed to be surrounded by men and women who "planted that seed, busted their a@@ for you and me."

I worry about those men and women - including my cousin - serving our country, especially those in areas of unrest. I worry not only about their safety, but also about their families left behind. I can't imagine the stress and worry my aunt and uncle carry with them while their son is deployed.

In the end, I worry that I worry too much. 

I try and step back and concentrate on my life and my day-to-day issues, but it's a struggle. And, honestly, I don't think it's in me not to worry about others.

So, I'm taking baby steps. 

Trying to say NO once in a while and NOT feel guilty about it. Boy, that's a hard one.

Trying NOT to weigh in on every issue that someone shares with me. Because, they really just want to talk to me about what's bothering them. NOT have me fix it. 

Trying to remember this...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Confessional Quick Style

I am doing a bit of traveling this week and am working from my iPad so there will be no frills with this post.

1. Did you know you can capture screen shots on you iPhone? You did, oh well, I just figured it out this week. I am such a techie. What else can this fancy phone do?

2. I figured out the screen shot action on my iPhone after an hour long text session with my gal pal Cris about the new show Bunheads and our mutual love of Gilmore Girls. Truly found my GG souls sister in that girl.

3. I am thinking of starting a new blog after that marathon text session. Crazy idea since I can't seem to keep up on this one.

4. I am loving my FitFlop sandals. They are super comfy and look cute too. Any other sandals out there that offer good support and look good too? I may have even posted an awful shot of my feet in my new shoes in Facebook. Not my best move, I am sure a few folks thought about unfriending me after that.

5. I am really praying for some rain. It is getting dry out there folks. You know what they say, don't you? "Rain makes corn. Corn makes whiskey." We need some rain so we can all have a shot later this year!

Well, have a wonderful weekend my friends. Be sure to check out some other great blogs hooking up with Friday Confessional over at a Blonde Ambition (

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Going to the Capital

Heading to our nation's capital soon. Actually two trips in two weeks.

Any suggestions on what to see and do? Where to eat or drink?

Staying just a couple blocks away from the building above.

I've gotten great response over on Facebook but thought I'd ask here too. Thanks!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Are You Going to Watch II

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I cried the night I watched the Series Finale of Gilmore Girls.

Not just because Rory was heading out into the real world, leaving Stars Hollow behind.

Or because the town came together, made her sash, and wished her a tearful good-bye.

Or even because it ended with the assumption that Luke and Lorelai were finally going to get together.

But because the show that I had invested 7 years on was just going away. Those characters were real to me.

I wanted to jump in my car, drive 17 hours and visit Stars Hollow.

Sit in Luke's Cafe and drink coffee.

Go to Dosey's Market and buy a box of corn starch from Taylor.

Watch one of Miss Patti's dance recitals.

Stay at the Dragonfly Inn and taste some of Sookie's Zucchini Soup.

And have Michelle be rude to me.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Yes, I am a Gilmore Girls fan.

Want me to prove it...go ahead, I dare you. OK, I will.

Did you know that the actor who played Kirk- the quirky guy about town - was in two episodes in the first season but not as Kirk?

He play Mick in the episode featuring Rory's first day at Chilton and he played a guy delivering swans to the Independence Inn for a wedding in the next episode.

Told you I was a fan.

So, why am I waxing poetically about a show that went off the air five years ago?

Because tonight, I'm hoping that this show may be my new Gilmore Girls...

It's from the creator of Gilmore Girls - Amy Sherman-Palladino - so it should be good, right?

It has a woman lead character.

It has a small East Coast town.

It has Emily Gilmore (or at least the actress who played her).

So, I'm willing to give it a shot.

It also has ballerinas. I'm not so sure about that.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

But I'm going to give it a try.

I'm really hoping Bunheads has a strong cast of supporting characters. I think that was what made Gilmore Girls special. That and the fast-paced, witty dialogue between mother and daughter.

Man, I love that show. I may have watched the pilot of GG while writing this post. Actually, I may keep the pilot and the series finale on my DVR just because.

Now, that I have outed myself as a GG fanatic, are you planning to watch Bunheads?

If so, don't tell me about it on Tuesday. I'm traveling this week so I have to DVR it and plan to catch up on Wednesday night.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Confessions from Me to You

-I'm having some serious road rage tendencies lately. I just don't get the people who drive in the left lane of the Interstate while not passing people. I do NOT want to pass you on the right OR tailgate you - so GET OVER! (If you are a left lane driver, I'm sorry but I don't think we can be friends anymore.)

-For the last two nights, I have had a Coke Zero later in the evening and then couldn't get to sleep for anything. Could these two things be related? Hmmm...maybe I will stick to water at 8 p.m. on work nights. (Yes, I'm officially old.)

-I'm absolutely dreading the day my sisters call up and want to use the pool in my neighborhood. Mainly (only) because I have a couple extra rolls in my mid-section that were not there last year. On top of that, the stark whiteness of my skin may scare young children. Oh well, have to bite the bullet and break out the swimsuit at some point, right?

-I'm thinking about trying a Pilates DVD. I was watching E! News (yes, I know it really shouldn't be called news) and saw a segment about the trainer who has been working with Miley Cyrus and she has a DVD (Flat Abs Pilates) - of course. I'm sure I can look like a 19-year-old singer/actress after a few weeks of Pilates at home, right?

-I'm on a bit of an Amazon kick lately. Just ordered this book - Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking - after reading a review on another blog. My friend, Bathtub Mama, often laugh about how we are both content to sit in the same room and not talk to each other when we visit! 

-I'm so, so ready for the weekend. I have a rough 3-4 weeks of work travel, meetings and deadlines looming so I'm looking forward to a couple of quiet days to get geared up.

Linking up to A Blonde Ambition's Confessional Friday.

NOTE: The links above are affiliate links. I haven't given my opinion on either of the products but when I do, they will be my own!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Always Makes Me Smile

No words needed.

But I will add a few because I can.

I love impromptu cookouts at the cabin at the farm pond with the family.

It was a GORGEOUS night. Not too hot. Nice breeze. Plenty of sun.

I'm looking for many more of these evenings as we move into summer!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Indiana Fever Basketball Oh Ooh

Watching the Indiana Fever WNBA game last Saturday night, got me thinking about a few things that you - my reader (I do have at least one reader, right?) - might not know about me that are kind of related to basketball and the Fever.

1.  I "played" basketball in high school. Or as my junior varsity coach told everyone at our end-of-year sports banquet one year, "Megan plays all positions for the team...She sits in the CENTER of the bench, leans FORWARD, and GUARDS the water bottles." Gotta love Mr. Skinner.

2.  As a Purdue graduate, I fell many ties to the current Indiana Fever team. Not only did current player, Katie Douglas, play for the Lady Boilers, but so did assistant coach Stephanie White and head coach Lin Dunn coached at Purdue my freshman year.

2a.  Actually I had class with Stephanie White my freshman year. We were in the same Algebra class and our TA was AWFUL. He faced the chalkboard the entire class and none of us could hear or understand him. Luckily, he left mid-semester and the next TA at least looked at us when he taught. I'm sure Stephanie remembers all of this as clearly as I do!

3.  I still remember the night that the Purdue women's basketball team won the NCAA Finals my senior year of college. People took to the streets (my roommate and I watched from our window - we were a bit timid) in celebration.

4.  I still have my long-sleeved National Champions '99 t-shirt. It rocks.

5.  I literally stopped and stared at this advertisement that was hanging in the hallway of the Fieldhouse this weekend. It's right outside the Legends Suite...

It spoke to me in so many ways. I too am corn-fed. I too am proud of that fact. The rest of the Maker's Mark advertising that dominates the hallway is cool too. But it doesn't mention corn so I didn't take a photo of it.

6.  Going to the game and seeing the young girls cheering on women who can probably kick most men's butts on the court, made me wish my nieces were just a bit older. I think they would have so much fun at these games. And it's a really affordable family night out.

In fact, if you are interested in going to the game, you can get quite the deal on tickets for this Friday's (June 8th) game against the Connecticut Suns at 7 pm. The Fever are offering TWO free tickets (just pay the 75 cent per ticket TM fee) to anyone purchasing tickets through this link -

Here are a couple of other deals from the Indiana Fever that might interest you:

Family Night:
Tickets start at $13 and include a free hot dog, chips and drink (and a t-shirt, I think). This applies to all Saturday night home games throughout the season. June 16, July 7, August 18, September 1 are the remaining family night games.

Two for Tuesday/Thursday:Two for one ticket prices at all levels at all Tuesday and Thursday home games. According to @JustHeather, "Tuesday, July 10th would be a fantastic game for kids, with Freddy's (Fever's mascot) birthday celebration. It's a ton of fun and a daytime game this year, perfect for younger kids."

NOTE: The Indiana Fever hosted #FeverGNO and the Indy Geek Girls free in the Legends Suite - which can host your group of 15+ for $25 per person (and includes food/drink). So while the ticket was paid for, my opinions and experiences were not.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rambling Friday Confessions

I went to the grocery store today mainly because I didn't have any whipped topping in the freezer. I bought four tubs of it. I'm hoping those last me for a while. I can (and do) eat the stuff by the spoonful. I get the Fat Free kind so it's OK, right?

I put out a rain gauge last night and immediately called my dad to tell him. Not sure why I was so excited about my new rain gauge but it was a thrilling moment.

I had to Google to get the term "rain gauge" before I wrote the previous line. Don't you hate those moments when the word you are looking for is just out of reach?

I'm wearing a sweater and jeans on the first day of June. I'm pretty sure I was wearing a t-shirt and capris on the first day of May. Gotta love Indiana weather. Though I'm not complaining because the cool weather came with a bit of rain and we (especially the corn and soybean crops & the garden) needed some.

I love Ina Garten. Sometimes I wish she was my friend and her show revolved around her making a meal for me. Today she's making a bacon, potato omelet and I can almost taste it. Yum!

I'm going to Vintage Indiana tomorrow after my cousin's graduation party (actually he's my cousin's son but that makes him my cousin too, right?). Vintage is one of my favorite festivals of the year. What's better than being able to taste wine while listening to music after working a booth where you ask fun questions about farmers and farming to a bunch of slightly tipsy, yet fun-loving, people?

Linking up to Friday Confessional over at Blonde Ambition.


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