Monday, June 25, 2012

I am a Worrier

I worry.

I worry a lot. 

I am a worrier. 

Great now I have that song in my head. You know the one..."Bang. Bang. I am the warrior."


What do I worry about? Since you asked...

I worry when someone asks me to do something (either at work or in my personal life) and I have to say no. I want to be helpful. I want to prove my worth. I want everyone to be happy (especially with me).

I worry when someone else is upset (or hurting or mad) and I can't help them. What can I say, I'm a middle child. I want to fix things.

I worry about my nieces and nephews. Do they have friends at daycare/school? Do they get picked on by other kids? Are they picking on other kids? Are they picking their noses in public?

I worry when the corn at my parents' house (and across the county and beyond) looks like this.

We haven't had a significant rain in weeks (it may qualify as months by now) and there is none in the forecast this week. Couple that with several days of 90 degree weather and we may be looking at a very long summer.

I worry about my brother-in-law and other farmers just getting started (and those who've been farming for years) who have taken out loans to put a crop in the ground just to see it sit there and dry up. Farming is not for the faint of heart and I feel blessed to be surrounded by men and women who "planted that seed, busted their a@@ for you and me."

I worry about those men and women - including my cousin - serving our country, especially those in areas of unrest. I worry not only about their safety, but also about their families left behind. I can't imagine the stress and worry my aunt and uncle carry with them while their son is deployed.

In the end, I worry that I worry too much. 

I try and step back and concentrate on my life and my day-to-day issues, but it's a struggle. And, honestly, I don't think it's in me not to worry about others.

So, I'm taking baby steps. 

Trying to say NO once in a while and NOT feel guilty about it. Boy, that's a hard one.

Trying NOT to weigh in on every issue that someone shares with me. Because, they really just want to talk to me about what's bothering them. NOT have me fix it. 

Trying to remember this...

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  1. All this means, Megan, is that you are a good and normal person. I like that others care (worry) about others and saying "no" sometimes is good. Take Care~



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