Monday, June 4, 2012

Indiana Fever Basketball Oh Ooh

Watching the Indiana Fever WNBA game last Saturday night, got me thinking about a few things that you - my reader (I do have at least one reader, right?) - might not know about me that are kind of related to basketball and the Fever.

1.  I "played" basketball in high school. Or as my junior varsity coach told everyone at our end-of-year sports banquet one year, "Megan plays all positions for the team...She sits in the CENTER of the bench, leans FORWARD, and GUARDS the water bottles." Gotta love Mr. Skinner.

2.  As a Purdue graduate, I fell many ties to the current Indiana Fever team. Not only did current player, Katie Douglas, play for the Lady Boilers, but so did assistant coach Stephanie White and head coach Lin Dunn coached at Purdue my freshman year.

2a.  Actually I had class with Stephanie White my freshman year. We were in the same Algebra class and our TA was AWFUL. He faced the chalkboard the entire class and none of us could hear or understand him. Luckily, he left mid-semester and the next TA at least looked at us when he taught. I'm sure Stephanie remembers all of this as clearly as I do!

3.  I still remember the night that the Purdue women's basketball team won the NCAA Finals my senior year of college. People took to the streets (my roommate and I watched from our window - we were a bit timid) in celebration.

4.  I still have my long-sleeved National Champions '99 t-shirt. It rocks.

5.  I literally stopped and stared at this advertisement that was hanging in the hallway of the Fieldhouse this weekend. It's right outside the Legends Suite...

It spoke to me in so many ways. I too am corn-fed. I too am proud of that fact. The rest of the Maker's Mark advertising that dominates the hallway is cool too. But it doesn't mention corn so I didn't take a photo of it.

6.  Going to the game and seeing the young girls cheering on women who can probably kick most men's butts on the court, made me wish my nieces were just a bit older. I think they would have so much fun at these games. And it's a really affordable family night out.

In fact, if you are interested in going to the game, you can get quite the deal on tickets for this Friday's (June 8th) game against the Connecticut Suns at 7 pm. The Fever are offering TWO free tickets (just pay the 75 cent per ticket TM fee) to anyone purchasing tickets through this link -

Here are a couple of other deals from the Indiana Fever that might interest you:

Family Night:
Tickets start at $13 and include a free hot dog, chips and drink (and a t-shirt, I think). This applies to all Saturday night home games throughout the season. June 16, July 7, August 18, September 1 are the remaining family night games.

Two for Tuesday/Thursday:Two for one ticket prices at all levels at all Tuesday and Thursday home games. According to @JustHeather, "Tuesday, July 10th would be a fantastic game for kids, with Freddy's (Fever's mascot) birthday celebration. It's a ton of fun and a daytime game this year, perfect for younger kids."

NOTE: The Indiana Fever hosted #FeverGNO and the Indy Geek Girls free in the Legends Suite - which can host your group of 15+ for $25 per person (and includes food/drink). So while the ticket was paid for, my opinions and experiences were not.

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  1. Hey Megan! I read it;0). And I like it. You talking about Skinner made me think of drivers Ed with you and Amanda. Now that was some funny stuff too!



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