Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On My Doorstep

After what can only be described as an "adventurous" drive home (Baby Sister and I swore each other to secrecy), I was excited to see this waiting for me outside my garage door.


Even though I have been using the Nook and Kindle apps on my iPad to read more books lately, I am still a huge believer in books. I sit in front of my computer all day, use my iPad to take notes in meetings and am forever on my iPhone.

So the last thing I want to do to unwind in the evening is to pull out my iPad to read. My eyes need the break from brightly lit screens.

Don't get me wrong, Leah over at Beyer Beware convinced me to read the sample of Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle: Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker; Fifty Shades Freed through Amazon and I ended up buying the trilogy and reading them back-to-back-to-back on my iPad.

But, I am equally excited to dive into Nora Roberts' second book in her The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. Thanks to Amazon Prime (have you signed up for the free one-month trial yet?) this book landed at my door the day it was released with free shipping and for a good price.

Since I have my month of free 2-day shipping, I may have jumped online last night and ordered a gift for a baby shower later this week. Cross your fingers that 2-day shipping, means 2-day shipping! There also may be some toilet paper making its way to me too. How weird and random is that?

Do you use Amazon Prime? If so, what are your favorite deals?

What about Overstock? Any other good sites out there?

Please share. I have 20-plus days left with my free membership so I want to take advantage!

NOTE: There are affiliate links included in this post. Nora Roberts, E.L. James, and their publishers do not know who I am so they didn't ask me to mention them. Though, if Nora Roberts happens to read this, please know that I am a HUGE fan - have been for years...ever since I found one of your books in my grandma's shed as a teenager! 

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  1. I just picked this up today at Walmart! Can't wait to get started!



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