Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Mom and Missing My Grandmas

Happy Mother's Day to a mom who raised four daughters.

From the years of posing us for the annual Christmas card shot. (I'm the one sporting the ultra-cool sweater vest.)

To the years celebrating the milestones like graduations, weddings and births of grandchildren. (I'm the one rocking the denim dress.)

My mom has been a great role model, strict taskmaster, good sport (we tend to tease in my family), and ultimately a wonderful mother.

Happy Mom's Day!

While this weekend has been fun, celebrating Mother's Day with a relaxing cookout at my sister's house last night (look for my pasta salad recipe later this week), it's also been bittersweet.

Not only is it the first year of my life when I don't have either of my grandmas here to celebrate the day. Tomorrow is also the second anniversary of my Grandma K's passing.

I miss them every day, but I am always thankful that they were a part of my life for 30-plus years.

 Granny H

Grandma K

My Grandmas and Me

So, to all of the moms out there, I hope you have a wonderful day. You deserve it.

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