Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do Not Judge Me and My Beer

I  met a friend last Friday night for dinner at a local restaurant that I had been meaning to check out since it opened several months ago.

I got there first so I grabbed a booth and ordered a drink - a draft Blue Moon. Yum!

The waitress asked if I wanted a regular size or a Texas size. I went with the Texas size with the thought that I wouldn't have to order another with dinner.

Wow...it was ginormous.

You may be thinking, that doesn't look so big. But believe me, I had to use to hands to pick the mug up when it was completely full. I looked at the menu again and discovered it was a LITER of beer. Yikes.

It was so shocking that more than one person who passed by my table that night did a double take. 

They judged me, I know it. My friend even commented on it. It was a bit disconcerting.

The one and only other time I felt as if I were being judged because of the beer in front of me was when this happened...

It was 2 for 1 beers at a Milwaukee restaurant...the only catch? You had to take both beers at the same time.

Normally this would not be such an issue. You could share with someone else at your table or the two full glasses of beer wouldn't be so noticeable with other glasses on the table.

Unfortunately, I was alone on a business trip. Yep, just me and my two beers.

People were judging me that night too. I just know it.

In my own defense, I left an inch of beer in my Texas size mug last weekend. I swear.

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