Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Version of Toddlers and Tiaras

My sisters decided to try their hands at being stage moms recently by entering my nieces in our county fair's baby contest.

Here the girls practice their poses...

"I'm just a cute, innocent little girl."

The Pouty Lip Pose

Our grandstands at the fairgrounds burnt earlier this year and it was in the upper 90s the day of the baby contest so our local landmark theater hosted the event. 

On most days, this would have been a great alternative to the grandstands.

However, on this day the air conditioner was broken and the place was full. 

It made for some sweaty, cranky babies (and adults).

Still, the girls were adorable.

Abby and her pigtails got a participation ribbon.

JJ waved herself to a 2nd place finish in her class.

My two youngest nephews were in the audience. I have one thing to say about that...

 Thank goodness for iPhones!

One hot baby girl after her turn on the stage. 

Now they really got into the posing when the cameras came out AFTER the contest.

"Here are my knees...I'm so cute."

While we didn't come home with a trophy, we did walk away with one thing clear to all of us.

We will NOT be going on the Toddlers and Tiaras circuit any time soon even if we have two of the cutest little girls ever in our family!

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