Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Loves

It's been a busy few weeks but I am still loving life - especially with a day off from the 90-degree temperatures at the Indiana State Fair!

I'm loving this ecard that a friend sent me yesterday. It's awesome. I'm awesome. You'd better get tested!

I'm loving the compliment I received last night. After 13-plus hours at the state fair, I said good-bye to the nice gentleman in charge of the Indiana Beef Cattleman's Tent (I was the official table cleaner for four hours last night) and he said he enjoyed working with me because I made it fun and always had a smile on my face.

I'm loving that all my nephews and nieces are home again. I don't think multiple sisters and their families are allowed to go on vacation at the same time any more! I missed them.

I'm loving my cool Holstein nails (if I say so myself) in celebration of the Year of Dairy Cows at the Indiana State Fair. If you go, be sure to stop by the Dairy Bar and try their new Lemon Chiller milkshake. It's yummy (I may have mixed it with chocolate for an awesome treat).

Yes, I painted them myself - free hand.

What are you loving this Wednesday?

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  1. My girls and I are looking for you and Hannah on Sunday/ Monday so we can have cool nails like yours! Hope you get to meet our very own Annie Achen, Miss Indiana Dairy Princess! She is THE BEST!!!!!!!



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