Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trying My Hand at Decorating

One of the 4 simple goals I set for myself a couple of weeks ago was basically quit thinking about the possibilities and just decorate my condo. 

Get some stuff on the walls.

Move furniture to where it looks and works best and not leave it in the same place it was plopped down when I moved in 3 years. 

So here is what I tackled first...

I love this piece. It was in my parents' good living room (did you have a "good living room" growing up?) and is one of the first pieces they bought after they got married. 

As you can see, I did a decent job with the inside of the cabinet (though my mom had to come over and help) BUT I had been using the top of the cabinet and a catch-all since after Christmas when I had my snowmen out.

So I cleared it off and started over again. 

Here's one grouping...

I'm really digging my initials lately so I grabbed this metal K at Pottery Barn Kids and paired it with a round mirror and my Indiana print from Etsy.

Then I tried my hand at being crafty with some beans, a candle and a large glass holder.

I couldn't find red beans so it kind of blah but I like it so who cares!

This is where my decorating skills had me stumped. I think I need something large to go next to or behind the candle. But I went through my condo and couldn't find anything that I thought worked. So I left it half-finished.

So, now I'm on the look out for a cool fall/autumn piece to round it out.

Now, on to another space in the condo. Maybe I should remove my old TV and stand that is sitting next to my new flatscreen...

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  1. Nice job! I love your little "Eek!" pumpkin! We've got plenty of these types of projects around our house too... Congrats on tackling one!



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