Friday, January 4, 2013

Found in the Drawer

What an exciting blog title, huh?

Just drew you right in, didn't it?

I was talking to a couple blogging friends today and we were lamenting about how hard it is to write sometimes.

You can have a great idea. You can have the time to sit down and write. And nothing.

That's how I felt most of December...full of great ideas and nothing.

Then I had THE conversation. The one where a friend said when you are struggling to write a post sometimes it's best to put it aside and just write something random.

I LOVE it. I love random posts (and random dancing - so sad the iCarly decided to go grow up and go to college) so it's the perfect solution.

So, here it random post that I hope will break this cycle of paralyzing non-posting.

I was digging trying to find the postcard Google sent me back in July with my Google AdSense PIN (I know, don't judge me) when I came across a stash of stuff that made me smile.

 forgotten gift cards

Do you ever find gift cards that you have forgotten about? 

It's like Christmas all over again. One of the Southwest cards was brand new! Now I'm thinking a long weekend visiting friends out East is a must...especially since they gave me the cards.

On the other hand, the Visa card has 78 cents on it. What do you do with cards that have less than a dollar on them? I can't make myself throw it away!!

 Someone loves the iTunes deals at CVS too much...

I can't resist the ExtraCare Bucks savings when it comes to iTunes cards. I just didn't realize how many I have accumulated! Yikes.

the coolest bumper sticker ever

I lived in Wareham - pronounced Wear-HAM, not Wear-em (learned that the hard way...) - for about a year a decade or so ago. I loved the town. I loved the people. I did NOT love being a thousand miles away from my family. So when I moved home, one of my friends gave me this sticker and I love it. 

It used to hang in my office but when I changed jobs a half a decade or so ago, it got shuffled into a drawer. I find it every once in a while and smile. 

It is something that no matter how many times I "clean out the drawers" that I will never throw away. 

Do you have something as silly as a bumper sticker that you just can't throw out?

By the way, I never did find that stupid Google postcard!


  1. About a whole dumpster of stuff if I'm honest about it. Goal for 2013: De-Clutter!

  2. Ha ha I'm loving this random post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOVE Random posts! And yes I have things that I put back in the drawer knowing they will be there the next time I clean out the drawer ;)

  4. Just ask Google to send it again. My second post card came last week... I wonder where I put it this time...?



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