Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Thoughts from the Big Game

After Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan's Sprint ad this weekend, I am scared to call the big game by its real you think the NFL goes after blogs that I read by a handful of people and my mom?

Actually, since I haven't blogged in a while, I don't think my mom even checks my blog anymore. How sad...

On another note, I have a secret crush on Paul Rudd...

Guess it's not a secret anymore, huh?

I think I have unrealistic expectations of the big game ads...I just didn't think the funny ones hit the mark this year. Did you?

Though I had a couple of favorites in the sentimental category...the Budweiser  Clydesdale and the Dodge Ram "so God made a farmer" - BTW, watch the Dodge ad, share it and $1 will be donated to National FFA.

While I have high expectations of the big game ads, I seem to have low expectations when it comes to the big game's half time show. I thought the half time shows in the last 2-3 years have been OK.

Beyonce wasn't perfect, she danced more than she sang but I thought she looked good and loved that she brought out her Destiny's Child girls. I love me some Destiny's Child!!

While watching I thought about Beyonce's stage personality - Sasha Fierce. It really fits her stage presence.

So I started to think what my stage name could be. It needs to capture the essence of me on stage...I came up with Susie Awkward. 

What would yours be?

Do you think Beyonce's half time show caused the lights to go out during the big game? I loved all of the Reba comments on Facebook after that happened. 

When the lights went out at the stadium I made the decision never to go to the restroom at a sports stadium (maybe in public) again...or carry a small flashlight with me at all times. Can you imagine what it was like for those who were just minding (and doing) their business and goes dark. Yikes.

Finally, after watching the two coaches, who are also brothers, go head to head I decided that I could never coach against my sister...first I am not a competitive person so the win would not be the end all for me and second I am people pleaser and I would probably feel guilty if I was winning and just want my sister to catch up and win the game.

Well, that concludes another installment of "Random Thoughts by Me." Goodbye and Good Night.


  1. I never thought about being in the bathroom should the lights go out... YIKES!

  2. I'm going to find the mini flashlight someone gave me for Christmas, check its batteries, and put it my purse right now! It should be the new "IT" thing for all women to carry!

    I think I finally hit the Generation Gap wall with Beyonce... I'm thinking a Country duo like Blake and Miranda, Tim and Kenny, or Carrie and Brad would have been great. Heck I would love to see KISS or Meatloaf (great tie in to one of the funniest commercials that night, the M&M one!) perform again! They say music is the biggest crack between the ages.

    Take it as the highest form of a compliment if I now go try my hand at a random blog. :-)



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