Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Confession Easter Candy Style

I confess I have a chocolate addiction.

Easter candy is my favorite hands down.

I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

I love Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. It's the peanut butter to chocolate ratio, according to a friend. I think she's right.

So when Hershey's sent me this basket full of Easter candy, I was excited.

But to be honest...I didn't need the basket to enjoy Easter candy. I had that covered...

Just behind the Reese's PB Eggs on my list of favorites are Cadbury Mini Eggs (the candy-coated kind). I may have 3 bags of those in the house right now. Growing up my mom always had a bag of the candy-coated Hershey's Eggs "hidden" in the house and the Cadbury Mini Eggs are very similar so I guess my mom's choices have rubbed off on me.

The mini Robin Eggs (colored Whoppers) are sentimental favorites. As a child (or maybe earlier this week), I would lick them and then use them like lipstick. I was cool like that.

Side Note: I prefer the mini Robin Eggs over the regular size. Just letting you know.

Honestly, most of the candy in my basket will be shared with others. Between my nephews & nieces and my coworkers, I will move it out of my house and beyond my reach very soon.

The rest of the candy will either be consumed by me, myself and I OR used to make some Easter Sunday desserts, like these brownie cups.

I just mixed up a box of brownie mix and put the batter into cupcake pans and baked as directed. About 15 minutes into the baking time, I pushed some of the York Peppermint Pattie Eggs on the top of about half of the cups and let them finish baking.

This is how they turned out...yummy!

On the other half of the brownie cups that I left plain, I dabbed a bit of chocolate frosting on them and added 2-3 Whoppers mini Robin Eggs.

This was just a test batch that I made with a small box of brownie mix (made 10 brownie cups). After I taste tested a couple of them, I packed the rest off to take to my mom's today for snacks for my nephews and niece who are hanging out there while on spring break.

I'm definitely going to make a bigger batch this weekend and I think they'll be a hit at Easter brunch (yes, we serve dessert at brunch).

If you want to see other great Easter tips, hop on over the Hershey's Bunny Trail!

Note: Hershey's provided me with a basket of Easter candy. The opinions, photos, thoughts (and love of Easter candy) in this post are my own as usual. 

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