Monday, April 21, 2014

My Home Invasion Deterrent System

I tend to be one of those "drop my stuff as I come into the door" kind of people.

You know who you are...just admit it!

Usually it's just shoes and maybe a random shopping bag, nothing too big.

But then February, March and April happened.

I had at least one night (usually more than two nights) away from home for at least six out of eight weeks.

This meant suitcases and overnight bags.

This meant laundry, newspaper and mail piles.

This meant no motivation to do anything around the house (though that's not too uncommon).

And it all built up to this in the middle of my kitchen floor...

I think that represents at least three trips...

I won't even show you the piles of shoes by my front door...

By about the third week of weaving my way in and out of my piles, I decided it looked a little like the house in Home Alone after Kevin set his traps and before the burglars arrived.

So I started to refer to my piles as my own home invasion deterrent systems.

Clever, huh?

NOTE TO MY MOTHER: Yes, I have since picked up these piles. Yes, I have no excuse for not putting my things away promptly. Yes, you taught me better than this.

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  1. Love this, and I have so been in your shoes, or out of them as the piles would tell you around this house!



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