Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Reason 43 Why I Should Not Judge Others

This is what I saw after I dragged my garbage can into the garage on Monday night.

It made me realize what the knocking sound was that I heard while driving home from the gas station a few minutes earlier.

I just shook my head, put the gas cap back on and closed the door.

I was officially one of those people.

The people I have always silently judged as I passed them on the highway with their gas cap flapping in the wind.

"How can you forget to put the cap back on?" "How do they not notice what is obvious to everyone they pass?" "Can't they see the open door in their side mirror?!?"

The next time I pass one of these misunderstood humans, I'll just say a little prayer that whatever was on their mind while pumping gas works itself out and they have a better day.

The next time I pump gas, I'll check twice to see if my gas cap is secured and the door is closed.

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