Sunday, June 6, 2010

What is it with Little Boys & Guns?

Spending the week with my four nephews at Disney World was great.

However, it reminded me that I grew up with three sisters and we spent our time reading, playing house and dressing up our Barbie dolls.

Not my nephews...they are too busy running, playing with action figures & dinosaurs and "shooting" everything that moves (and sits still).

I haven't figured out how little boys learn how to make EVERYTHING (even their fingers) into guns...but they all do it!

It doesn't help that three of my nephews are total Star Wars fanatics. 

For this reason, we planned our last day at Disney World so that we hit Hollywood Studios for the "Star Wars Weekend" festivities.

It was a hoot! Storm Troopers opened the park from the roof of the entrance gates. Star Wars characters roamed the park and posed for photos.

I guess Captain Rex (see below) is my oldest nephew's FAVORITE character (from Clone Wars, I believe) and we just happend to be in line when he came out! Notice the hands on the big guy forming a "gun."

It was great to see the excitement on BOTH of their faces when they met Captain Rex - totally priceless.

In addition to the Star Wars characters, we also met some classic Disney/Pixar characters, including the Green Army Men from Toy Story.

Guess what the boys liked most about those guys?

You guessed right...their guns!



I don't think they are ready for the Army yet, but you never know...



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