Monday, November 22, 2010

Note to Self: No More Coffee After 4 p.m.

Just 3 more days to comment to win! Check out my CSN Stores giveaway here.


  1. That is so funny - just learned this lesson the other day with my 7 year old - on a school night!!!

  2. Suffering from insomnia? Call Jane next time. She has no life & remains hungry for adult interaction from someone w/common sense (as in NOT a man). I'm going through Megan withdrawal. :)

  3. Lunestra works, but your insurance won't pay for it so you have to fork out $185.00 a month for the ability to sleep (which is just about worth every penny!). You can go on-line and get a $50 off coupon. OR see your note and save yourself a lot of money! ;-)



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