Monday, November 1, 2010

Random View from My Commute...Polly Want to Hit the Drive Thru?

I know that this post has a really long title, but I couldn't resist.

As a coworker and I were headed over to Illinois this weekend for a work function, she spotted something very unusual.

Now, I've seen plenty of dogs riding shotgun in cars. I've even seen a cat in the passenger seat. I have even seen a hand and foot hanging out of the trunk of a car (I'm assuming it was a Halloween decoration).

I have NEVER seen a parrot perched on the backseat of a car driving down the interstate! No cage in sight.

I did a double take but it was still there, just looking out the back window.

What's the strangest pet/animal you have spotted sitting shotgun in a passing car?


  1. Wow! That must have been quite a sight! The weirdest animal that I've seen riding shotgun is squirrel. Yep... my friend had a pet squirrel. :-)

  2. I've never seen anything particularly weird--except a couple of humans that stand out in my mind.
    One of my co workers used to bring her macaw to work with her. But I never it saw it in her vehicle. Or the motorcycle she used to ride. (But I don't think those were the days when the bird came to work.)

  3. Hmmmm... I think I have just seen very weird people or little old ladies driving and making me think no one is driving the car. One of those will be my mom who STANDS 4'9.5". I think that is how tall Tall Guy is when he is sitting down! ;-)

  4. We live somewhat close to a truckstop that I frequent for polar pops and there is one semi I have seen more than once that the trucker has several parrots/macaws (no cage) that ride with him!



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