Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

While I'm waiting for the doorbell to ring later this evening, here's a photo of my sweet, sweet niece awaiting her very first Halloween!

The pants she's wearing above are the ones I bought for my oldest nephew to wear on his very first Halloween nine years ago!

Can't wait to see the rest of the costumes!

Happy Halloween!

UPDATE:  Three of the four nephews arrived.

Aren't they cute?

Here's what they really look/act like.

The last nephew arrived a little while ago. I just love his costume! He even had shiny black dress shoes to wear thanks to our other sister. One of her boys wore them to a wedding so tonight was the second time they've been worn.

I also love how he instinctively put his hand on the billy club...just like a real policeman!

While waiting on the cops to arrive, I actually had my first non-family member trick-or-treater in the two years I've lived here! How exciting.

Though, I think the porch light is going off...guess I'll have to eat the leftover candy. Bummer...



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