Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some Pumpkin Humor while "Experiencing the Farm"

Lil' Sister and I took her son and two of my (our) other nephews to Kelsay Farms - outside of Whiteland, Ind. - earlier today. Thank you to Liz and Amy over at Two Maids a Milking for the free passes! (Find the answer to the joke at the end of this post.)

It was a gorgeous day for some agritourism. Actually we are experiencing almost record highs here in central Indiana for this time of year. The high today was supposed to be around 84 degrees and tomorrow's high around 86! Thank goodness there was a breeze today and some places of shade on the farm.

Well, I took loads of photos - more than anyone other than the family cares to see - of the boys enjoying the great activities they have at Kelsay Farms - all of which are free (except for the food). So once you pay the admission fee, plan to put away the wallet until it's time to grab a milkshake, grilled cheese or cheeseburger (the burger is made from Dougherty Farm Fresh Beef - a local beef farm).

Instead of posting all of my photos, I decided to do a Top 5 Countdown of my favorite experiences at Kelsay Farms during. It was hard to narrow it down to just five, but I did. And in true countdown fashion, I'm starting at number 5!

5)  The excitement on my nephews' faces when they saw the two 16-day-old Holstein calves.

Doesn't it kind of look like the boys are behind the bars? Sometimes I wish I could put them in one! Guess that's why I'm an aunt and not the mom!

4)  The "King of the Mountain" moment on top of the Straw Pyramid.

This was by far their favorite attraction this afternoon. They loved the climbing...

the crawling...

and the sliding.

3)  The opportunity to rest in the shade and listen to a story. Each weekend they feature some special activities at the farm. This weekend Rodeo Ron (a real-life rodeo clown) came and read a book under the food tent. All the kids got to have their picture taken with him afterwards.

Then Liz and Amy served cookies and milk. The book was about a cowboy riding into a town called Cavity (I think) where sugary sodas were the drink of choice and how he showed the townspeople how good a milkshake can taste. So the kids cold add their own flavoring to their milk. The eldest nephew loved that activity.

Miss Liz made and shared the cow-shaped cookies. Here she is with Amy's two cowgirls!

The two youngest nephews really enjoyed the cookies. Doesn't he look like he has an icing goatee?

2) The youngest nephew running face first into a standing cornstalk in the Corn Maze. Now, I know I'm an awful person, but it was laugh out loud funny - even his mom laughed! I didn't get a photo of it, but I did capture a couple of special moments.

The eldest nephew was our fearless leader...maybe that was why by the time we found the end the little boys were whining for a drink and Lil' Sister and I were ready to blaze our own trail out! I do think if we didn't have the little boys, I would have had a lot more patience and had a lot more fun. Still a must-do activity!

1) The memories made and the opportunity to spend a few hours with my family at a family farm who is doing a great job educating folks about today's agriculture!  Amy is a former Extension Educator so teaching is in her blood so this experience is really about more than just fun...but there is a lot of that to be had as well.

Ever heard of a "corn angel"...

Now, for the answer to the Joke of the Day: How do you mend a broken Jack-O-Lantern?

Take it to a PUMPKIN PATCH!!



  1. looks like the kids had a great time. what a fun day. I wanted to take my girls to the patch today but it was to hot here. Yuck~ It's gotta be sweater weather to pick pumpkins. : )

    and I love Dougherty Farm Fresh Beef too!

  3. Great Blog! I love your pictures and the stories behind them. It DID look like your nephews were the ones in the cage! Don't think we parents haven't considered it. That's why they stay in their pack 'n plays as long as possible. Speaking of little ones..... any news from Brookston?

    Have a great rest of the weekend.

  4. You are a hoot! :) Great pics! :)

  5. It was great seeing you guys yesterday! Glad you enjoyed it! Love the post! I didn't know if anyone had seen the jokes or not but they always make me laugh!!

  6. Looks like you all had a great day. I took a lot a lot of pictures too. We had a great time there, but I am a little jealous that you got cookies and milk. :-)

  7. I took the girls down yesterday, too!
    (LittleD is working on the post.)
    We got there in the late afternoon (trying to avoid sweating), and ended up there until almost 10--doing the maze twice, in daylight and the dark.
    Had a great time.

  8. Thanks for the post! So glad you could come and enjoy the farm!!

  9. Glad to see the nephews had a good time. Love the corn angels!!!



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