Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Bucket List...and a Short-Term "To Do" List

Now, I don't have a long-forgotten bucket list like Hannah over at Off the Cuff but I have always had a list in my head of things I want to do before I pass...a - for a lack of a better term - "mental bucket list."

I finally got around to putting it on paper typing it up the other day, so I thought I'd share it and maybe this will spur me to mark a few off.

Of course, when I sat down and started typing, these were my first three entries:

• Go to the dermatologist.
• Clean my baseboards.
• Purge my sweater closet.

Yes, I know. These are "to do" items NOT bucket list items. So I made two separate headings of "To Do List" and "Bucket List" and went to town.
Some of my "to do" list items still ended up in my "bucket list" but I am an editor at heart (and by vocation) so once I was done with my list, I moved some stuff around and presto...my Bucket List.
Now I couldn't help adding some editorial comments because this is a blog entry, not just a list!
Bucket List

• Drive down a coastal highway in a convertible with a scarf on my head. (Think Thelma & Louise-like without the hand-holding cliff scene, but maybe including Brad Pitt.)
• Go sky diving.
• Take a hot air balloon ride.
• Go white water rafting.
• Go sailing. (Learn to sail first or during the trip.)

• Take each of my nephews/nieces on an amazing trip (one-on-one).
• Visit all 50 states – 14 more to go.
• Go to NYC. See at least one Broadway musical.
• Go to New Orleans and eat a beignet.
• Visit the Grand Canyon. (Visit, not hike.)
• Hike the Appalachian Trail (or at least part of it).
• Hang out by a pool in Las Vegas.
• Learn how to broom board but ONLY in Hawaii – preferably on Kauai.
• Go back to Krakow, Poland and visit some of the places I loved most while studying there.
• Go to Ireland and order a pint at a pub.
• Wear a two-piece swimsuit at a tropical resort (not Hawaii).
• Spend a month in Europe.
• Visit Vancouver.
• Learn Photoshop/InDesign.
• Take a creative writing course.
• Bake The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls. (This should be a to do but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a once in a lifetime event for me.)
• Learn how to decorate a cake (maybe just a cupcake).
• Grow my hair longer than shoulder length just to see how it looks.
• Learn how to arrange flowers.
• Learn how to change a tire.
• Learn sign language.
• Visit a real working cattle ranch (maybe learn how to ride a horse).
• Wet harvest cranberries while wearing waders.
• Stand under a windmill and just listen. (Those big ones in the middle of cornfields. Yes, I’m that big of a dork.)

Hopefully, I have another 50-plus years to accomplish all of these!

For those of you curious, this is what ended up on my "To Do" list.

Moved to the “To Do” List

• Go to the dermatologist.
• Clean my baseboards.
• Purge my sweater closet.
• Actively play the stock market/actively manage my money (maybe a to do is learn how to manage my investments).
• Implement a time management/life management system that works for me (more a to do, right?)
• Write for pleasure every day (more a to do, right?).
• Become more knowledgeable about my faith.

Personally, I think the "bucket list" looks like more fun!
Now, anyone want to go to South Dakota with me?




  1. From one farm girl to another? Standing in the middle of the corn field under a windmill is not so much a dorky think to do.

    Thanks for coming along on the Tuesday Train. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from FMBT! I love your bucket list - I really need to do one as well.

  3. I'm up for South Dakota in fact I had a long conversation about going on a cattle drive out west with one of my besties! If we go I will let you know! This makes me want to do a list(s)!

  4. Once you bake those rolls-- I doubt that you won't bake them again... They are quite yummy (and they freeze well ;))

  5. This AWESOME MEGAN! Want to accomplish some things together?...like sailing...hot air balloon ride...white river raft? Would going to Conner Prairie and riding that ballon count? just kidding!

  6. Lovin' the list! Next time you come over, we'll make the rolls. That way you won't end up w/ 7-8 pans for just you. :) And I totally see the convertible as a girls weekend thing. :)

  7. I am up for South Dakota as long as we go thru Minnesota and North Dakota on the way - 2 of the 4 I have left to visit!

  8. I enjoyed your bucket list! Mine is still a "mental bucket list"...you may have just inspired me to write it down!

    Btw, I made The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls just a couple months ago. It was the first thing I had made from scratch without major assistance from my mom or my sis, so I was QUITE proud of myself. haha It takes FOREVER, but is COMPLETELY worth it! I believe I had eight round pans by the time I was done. And Cris is right, they are great to freeze and reheat.

  9. Come on out and I can take care of the standing under a windmill. The corn is picked, but you can still see the short parts of the stalks! Beignets in New Orleans are fabulous, but do not go there to eat them at the end of JULY! Take my word on that one.....WAY TOO HOT!

  10. I would like to go and stand under the windmill want to know if they make noise I heard they do at least the ones in Iowa

  11. Great list...I could do a few of those with you! Like NYC for starters.

  12. No trip to South Dakota with out driving north to see me on the prairie! I literally am across the border by about 40 miles so...I'd be sad if you didn't make it! I've made PW's rolls many times now. The first time is scary but then they are so addicting you'll make them forever.

  13. I so love the lists. Even though I have already checked it off my mental list, I am always up for a trip to NYC to see a Broadway show, especially a muscial... maybe we need a blogging girls getaway.



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