Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Itch...the Power of Suggestion

I really hate my coworkers sometimes.

OK, I don't really hate them but I majorly dislike them at times.

Well, not so much dislike as annoyed by them on occasion.

Just before I headed to Chicago on my solo road trip, a concerned know-it-all coworker asked me if I had seen the news reports about bed bugs and hotel rooms.

Of course I had! However, she went on to say how the nasty little biting hitch-hikers are more prevalent in hotels near airports. Now, I had NOT heard that particular news report!

Where was I headed the next day...a hotel near O' AIRPORT, in case you didn't know.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I went home and packed all of my clothes in those big, resealable spacesaver bags. When I got to the hotel room, I set my bag on a stool away from the bed. Then I threw the comforter off the bed and did a thorough check for unwanted bed partners.

Now, it was a shame that I was so paranoid because it was a beautiful hotel bed bugs at all. Lots of character and a way cool bathroom. But with the thought of those stupid bed bugs in the back of my head, I couldn't fully enjoy the experience!

Instead, I itched the entire time.

Now, I'm headed back to Chicago for another meeting soon. This time the hotel is downtown but I can't help but worry a bit about the possibility of getting bit!

Darn it...I itch again.


  1. Confucius say: Girl who looks down for bugs will never see the cute guy walking by! ;-)

  2. HAHA!! Know it all coworker??? Really??? Who would that be?

  3. Lol! I totally feel your pain! When I was in Atlanta the other day I itched the whole time at just the thought... and it was all over the that is, not the bugs crawling on the actual TV... regardless, it didn't help



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