Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yoga Pants, Candy Coated Eggs and a Winner

I think Wednesday is my favorite day to post.

It's a day that I usually post my random, rambling thoughts (as if I have any other kind).

It's a day to share what I'm lovin' thanks to this kind of love...check it out!

I'm loving that I get to announce the winner (a day late) of the Pillsbury Bake-off prize pack provided by Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark. And the winner is...

 jrutherford251...who is lovin' some monkey bread! Congrats!

I'm loving these yoga pants (at least I call them yoga pants even when I'll never do yoga in them) from Gap Body. They are super comfortable AND they come in TALL which is AWESOME.

I'm loving light weight knit cardigans...I've bought three in the last two weeks. I even got one in unlike my usual - black or gray or black.

I'm loving these...though I still want to snag a bag of the Dove dark chocolate marshmallow eggs that I saw on Beyer Beware last week. Sorry for the awful photo (Blackberry camera plus hotel room lighting equals this).

I'm loving these albums...I added both 21 and Sigh No More to my iTunes playlist recently and can't get enough of either.


  1. I am loving my yoga capri pants in my hotel room right now. I need a pair in TALL so I don't have to wear capris. And I am LOVING I got to see you tonight!

  2. I had an Adele CD in my hand, but put it back. I am going to have to go back and get it. Somehow a DOVE dark chocolate Easter Bunny made it in to my cart at Target, and our girls don't even like dark chocolate. DANG! How did that ever happen???? ;-)

  3. ooo SO TRUE i just discovered Adele and wow its amazing! mmm and dove dark chocolate makes any day better :) xo

  4. YAH! I WON! Thank you! Please email me at with the info you need from me. Thanks again!

  5. So does this mean you'll be getting rid of clothes soon? ;)

  6. I so heart Adele! Her version of Make You Feel My Love is sooo much better than the Garth Brooks version.



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