Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things I Have Overheard

Source: None via Megan on Pinterest

"Rory, like the Gilmore Girls," says a guy as he introduces his girlfriend.

Source: None via robo13 on Pinterest

"You have such a big beak. Isn't that what all guys want to hear?" says a woman talking to a parrot sitting on her arm when someone told her to talk dirty to it so the parrot would look at her.

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  1. I think I totally missed out by not watching this show. I must have been in the middle of baby "stuff."

    Hope your family is getting along with that empty spot at your table. I still miss my grandma, and she's been gone almost 11 years. Hugs!

    OH! I finished my book,, so I will work on a review and send it your way for when you might need it. Looks like I will be in the field today, but God might have other ideas for the next two with the weather he's sending! I'll put the review before my housework! ;-) ANYTHING before it! ;-)



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