Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You Say Fall and I Say Harvest Time

My dad is a farmer, I think I've mentioned that before.

Actually, I did a search for "dad" on my blog and found 32 posts where I mentioned my dad.

I also did a search for "chocolate" and found 32 posts where I mentioned chocolate.

Hmmm...I wonder what that means.

Sorry, back to the regularly scheduled post...

Soybean harvest started a few weeks ago and I hitched a ride in the combine with my dad after work one evening.

My all-time favorite sight - soybeans ready for harvest. 

 Here comes my ride!

View from the jump seat. 

View out the front of the combine cab. 

Unloading soybeans.

Good-bye Dad and be careful out there!

Coming soon...corn harvest!


  1. LOVE your pictures and that you got to ride with your dad. I don't care how old you are, those moments are always special! I got to pick corn with my FIL riding along. Thought we were out of downed corn, but WRONG! This Benton County Wind took its toll all over the place. Thankfully this is just spotty parts of the field and not whole sections. Be safe Megan's daddy and all farmers out there!

  2. I always wanted to ride on one of those monster tractor (combine?) things! Great pics!



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