Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Princesses of Poultry

Have you seen the new Muppets movie yet?

If not, you are missing out on two hours of cheesy music numbers, hilarious celebrity cameos and the entire Muppets gang!

Here are some of my favorite things from the movie:

1. Jason Segel. I love him in How I Met Your Mother. Laughed myself silly watching him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall...vampire puppet musical was genius. He wrote and starred in the movie and his awkward dance numbers were worth the matinee price of this movie! I had tears in my eyes (from laughing) during the Muppet or Man song...not sure why but it cracked me up.

2.  Celebrities Galore. I couldn't wait to see what celebrity was going to pop up next in this movie. Jason's HIMYF costar Neil Patrick Harris answered telethon phones with Whoopi, Selena and the kid from Modern Family. David Grohl was the drummer in the Moopets tribute band in Reno and Jack Black took his role as Animal's anger management sponsor seriously!

3.  Great Music Numbers. There are some incredibly cheesy's the Muppets, what did you expect? But even my 4-year-old nephew turned to me and said "I like this song" during the Princesses of Poultry - Camilla and the Chickens version of Forget You!

Listen for yourself and get some highlights of the movie.

4.  Cheesy Lines. I love how the movie didn't take itself seriously. From the suggestion that rounding up the gang was taking too long so they should "use a montage" to gather the rest of the characters up to Fozzie questioning if a big explosion was in the budget to Kermit's call to President Carter and Molly Ringwald when looking for a host, I probably laughed more than my nephews did during the movie.

5.  New storyline. Even though there were many nods to the past, there was actually a plot to the movie and it kept both the kids and adults in the theater engaged and entertained.

My only disappointment...No "Pigs in Space" skit!


  1. Thanks for the great review! We will add it to our list of things to do this holiday season! Gotta love these retro movies! I even liked the Smurf movie and might just find the DVD under the tree this year!

  2. What a great review. I loved the movie and then was able to find the first 3 seasons and two Muppet Movies on cyber monday for $49.



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