Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekend in NYC

Remember my Dreams of NYC post?

The one where I was going to experience the city so well-portrayed by my favorite television shows?

I NEVER FOUND Central Perk, though I did find a bakery and had these for breakfast one morning.

Don't worry about the calories consumed. We split the two cupcakes between four girls...and we walked 6 miles that day! The White Hot Chocolate cupcake on the left was DELICIOUS. 

I NEVER FOUND McLaren's Bar but we did have some wonderful cocktails at Stecchino in Hell's Kitchen .

I may have had one or two French 75's!

I NEVER DID karaoke in a bar with my posse but we did catch a Broadway Show!

One thing I DID do that was on my list was visit Mood - the fabric store from Project Runway!

Don't you just love just love what they did with some orange tulle?

Despite an early cold spell and rain and SNOW, we had a great time in the city and I'm even more determined to go back. This time I'm planning a late spring/early summer trip though!

Hooking up with Kelly's Korner - Show Us Your Life Non-Mommy Bloggers!


  1. Hopped over from Kelly's Korner. :)

    Oh my gosh. My dream trip is going to New York City, and in my head it's all the places from Friends, Sex and the City, and Serendipity.

  2. HOW cool is it that you went to Mood!?!

  3. Found you via Kelly's site. I LOVE NYC. Haven't been in a couple of years but highly recommend going for St Patrick's Day. A lot of fun, just try to find the side street where the fireman are lining up.

  4. GO BACK!!!! You absolutely HAVE TO get to Central Park.

  5. Found you on Kelly's Korner---I'm a Hoosier myself!!!! :)

  6. WOW! A Bucket List moment or two for sure. So glad you had a great time! It's nice when dreams live up to reality!

  7. Hopping over from Kellys Korner. I love love love New York! :)

  8. Ah! My Mom (Jane from GriggsDakota) and I have PROMISED ourselves we'll visit Mood together someday. I dream of the day I make clothes from Mood fabric. :)

  9. Sounds like a fun trip, and it looks like you discovered some great places!!



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