Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm Giving a Llama for Christmas

Since I can't sing AT ALL, I'm trying to find other ways to spread some Christmas cheer this year.

I love giving presents...finding just the right gift for friends and family.

I'm thinking of getting my friend, Leontien, a llama.

She's a dairy farmer but she loves llamas. Not really sure what the story is behind her adoration for these long-necked spitting machines, but she does.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure how to wrap a llama or if it would even fit into the trunk of my Corolla.

Just think of the spit I'd have to clean up...yuck!

So, I went to Heifer International's website and to see about buying a llama for a family in need.

Once in a while when I can't decide what to give someone, I'll look into making a donation in their honor. I struggle with this because I want to be sure the gift is to an organization/cause that they support or believe in. (Remember Will's gift of a polar bear or whale to his friend's little girl...I don't want to be that gift giver.)

As a farmer who works hard to care for her animals, I think Leontien will appreciate the gift to Heifer International.

As a lover of llamas, I think she will love that a woman somewhere in the world is receiving a llama in her honor.

I love Heifer's mission, strategy and their history.

Heifer’s mission is…
To work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.

Heifer's strategy is…To “Pass on the Gift.” As people share their animals’ offspring with others – along with their knowledge, resources, and skills – an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe.
Heifer’s History
This simple idea of giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief caught on and has continued for over 65 years. Today, millions of families in 128 countries have been given the gifts of self-reliance and hope.

Check out their FAQ page if you want to know more. (Yes, some of the animals given are eaten by the family...but not llamas.)

What kind of nontraditional gifts are you giving this Christmas?  I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Would you believe you are the second blogger I know that has gifted a llama to a friend... Interesting blogosphere!

  2. elf was totally on tonight! Ha. :)

  3. LOVE it too! Tall Guy's family has talked about doing this. I'm going to get them to revisit the idea. Great gift, and I know Leontine will LOVE it too!

  4. We opted to do this at work last year, in lieu of exchanging gifts within the office.
    It very successful. We ended up getting a heifer, a goat and some geese, if I remember.
    We're doing this again this year.
    The neat part is one of our former colleagues is the nephew (I believe) of one of the Heifer founders.



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