Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Confessional MK Style

I am excited that Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition is hosting her Friday Confessional link-up this week. I have a lot to get off my chest. Ha Ha.

I confess that I am obsessed with the thought of decorating with my initials. I'm in search of a large "K" but I found this huge "M" in Antropologie but it's a bit out of my price range and did I mention that it's huge!

I confess that I also fell in love with this vase while at Anthropologie.

I may be considering re-decorating an entire room in my house around this vase. Gorgeous!

I confess that every time I hear Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen I immediately start singing the version from the Bob & Tom show - Black Bonnet Girls by The Electric Amish. I was such a fan in high school that I bought their album on cassette tape!

Ohhh, you gonna finish all your chores
Black bonnet girls you make the Amish world go round

I couldn't find it on YouTube but I did find the audio recording of their smash hit Give Me Three Pigs. Check it out here.

I confess that I had some great sushi this week and that I really need to practice using chopsticks!

It was quite tasty but I couldn't keep the darn stuff between my chopsticks. Even my coworker who had to teach herself how to use them left-handed was better than me. I may now have a practice set at home so I don't embarrass myself next time we lunch on sushi.

I confess that I looked forward to today all week, not just because of the weekend but also because I could wear jeans to work! After 3 days at home last week living in my super comfy fleece pants, it almost killed me to dress for work this week.

How quickly we can become used to comfy clothes. I may have worn those comfy fleece pants on multiple days and to places I probably shouldn't games, the bank, basically in public!

I confess that I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning when I can put my comfy pants on again.

Night all!

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