Saturday, September 22, 2012

International Woman of Leisure

My boss once asked me what my career goals were. What job did I aspire to?

My answer: International Woman of Leisure

Probably not my smartest answer, but it's the truth.

What is an International Woman of Leisure, you ask.

She is financially independent (i.e. wealthy). She travels freely to exotic places. She has no obligations that she does not choose for herself.

After enjoying a few days off work this week, my resolve has not changed.

Having no real obligations on my time for 4 full days...heaven. Taking my time to do a bit of cleaning and organizing...not stressful. Spending a day shopping and then meeting a friend for a late lunch...awesome.

I aspire to be an International Woman of Leisure.

Let me be clear. If you work from home or stay at home with your children, you are not an International Woman of Leisure. You work HARD and I know it!

I know what you are thinking...what are you doing to make this career goal happen?

My answer? Not much but maybe my lottery numbers will hit this week.

Of course, I need to remember to buy a ticket today!

If your boss asked you on Monday what your career goal is, what would you say?


  1. i would love love love this job, too. let me know when/if you get hired. i'll be your second!

  2. Why I would say, "Jump right in that beautiful Green combine and pick/shell/cut whatever you want me to darling." :-) But if he didn't have anything for me to do, I am going to run away with my friend who is going to be an International Woman of Leisure! :-)



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