Wednesday, November 14, 2012

C'mon Man Wednesday

Inspired by the guys on ESPN's Monday Night Football show, I thought I would do a different take on my random posts (especially since Cris over at Goodeness Gracious did one of her fun random posts today and I don't want to look like I am copying her! :)

My car is attracted to curbs. I swear. Somehow it has hit two this week, one in front of the frozen yogurt shop. Oops.

C'mon Man!!

Staying on the car theme...have you ever seen anyone driving around with their coffee mug on top of the car or their purse on the trunk? Did you laugh?

That was me this week. I set my cup of water on the roof so I could open the door without spilling my coffee. I pulled out of the parking lot and drove about 100 yards before hearing something hit the car. I drove another 100 yards before I realized what it was.

C'mon Man!! Oh well, hopefully I made someone chuckle.

What is it with bloggers writing awesome posts lately?

From laugh-out-loud funny ones, like Jent's story about her boy with no pants and HIMYF's engagement ring shopping escapades, to posts that made me stop and think, like Leah's post that asks if we are all fat, uppity Americans.

C'mon Man!! I wish I could write posts like these.

And finally...I just found out that there will no more new iCarly shows. No more Random Dancing. No more Spencer setting their apartment on fire.

C'mon Man!! Wait a minute...what did you say? No, I am not a 12-year-old girl, but I love me some iCarly.

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  1. Addie asked me who iCarly was the other day and I told her she needed to chat with you!



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