Thursday, November 8, 2012

My NYC Trip Food Edition

As I was going through my photos from my recent trip to New York City, I realized that with the exception of shots of my nephew throughout the city I took a LOT of photos of the foods we sampled.

Like this Zucchini Pizza...yum!

Before I share some more of my favorite bites, I want to say that my heart goes out to those affected by Superstorm Sandy in NYC and beyond. We were lucky to visit just before the storm hit (flying out late the Sunday before Sandy arrived) and we watched in horror as some of the places we visited took some hard hits. 

As life slowly returns to normal for those hit hardest by the storm, we need to remember that there are still many without power or worse without a home. Here's a link to an ABC News piece that has ways you can help Hurricane Sandy victims. 

Now back to the food of NYC...

Each afternoon, my nephew would get a little surly. Too many photos to pose for. Too much mom and aunt time. How did we improve his mood...Chocolate in any form. Pastries, hot chocolate, and, of course, cookies.

Last year when we had our girls weekend in NYC (during the infamous Snowtober storm), we had the best of intentions of going to cool restaurants at night. However, after walking miles in the cold, wet weather, we didn't keep any of our reservations.

This year we did better, including an early dinner at Schiller's Liquor Bar (it IS family friendly, I promise). The best part? Since we ate so early, my sister and I took advantage of the Happy Hour specials and sampled their sliders and fries...yum!

 Their selection of NY beer was most excellent.

While Starbucks is a daily stop when I'm at home, in NYC my sister has a rule of not eating anywhere we can at home so we sought out local bakeries and coffee shops for breakfast.

 Almond Brioche Toast...heavenly

I actually found the recipe online here and it's from the Amy's Bread cookbook, which is the bakery we stopped at. I may have to try this for Christmas breakfast.

Sticky bun!! 

We also hit up a couple of places tied to celebrity chefs, including Mario Batali's Otto Pizzeria, and Tom Colicchio's 'wichcraft in Rockefellar Center.

Roasted Pumpkin grilled!

We had so much other great food but I was too busy eating to take photos. I highly recommend the cookies from Levain Bakery...they are huge and gooey and heavenly! And if you are on the Upper Westside and craving a quick bite, check out Gray's Papaya and their hot dogs (2 hot dogs and a juice for less than $5). They are a great on-the-go snack.

We have decided to make our NYC trip an annual outing so if you have other suggestions of good places to grab a bite, please share.

Side Note: Until I uploaded the last photo, I thought the name of the restaurant was Witchcraft...I am very smart, I swear.

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  1. i like the idea of not eating anywhere you can when you're at home... maybe have to adopt that one!



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