Monday, June 10, 2013

Completing My Mantel with a K

I've been searching for a large "K" since last September

But the perfect one eluded me.

Until now...

Isn't it beautiful?

Where did I get it you ask?

This guy made it for me!

When I was visiting the homestead a couple of weeks ago, I casually dropped in on my dad in his workshop with a small request. 

"Daddy (I didn't really call him daddy but it sounds better), do you think you could make me something?"

Luckily, he was finished planting and the rain allowed him to take some time in his workshop during what is usually a busy, busy time of the year around the farm.

How did he make it you ask?

I have no's magic to me! 

Seriously, I took him a particle board "K" I picked up at Michael's a while ago and asked if he could make me a block "K" using it as a template.

You should have seen the wheels turning in his head at the possibilities..."how thick do you want it?" "What kind wood do you want?" "Does it need to stand on its own?"

A couple inches? Walnut? Yes? Those were my answers to him.

So with that great direction, he created this...

To solve the "standing" issue, he put a couple of small pieces of wood on the back. 

He did such a good job that my mom immediately began thinking where she could put one in her house. My aunt saw it and asked if he could make an "M"...I see some Christmas gifts in the future.

It looks great on my mantel next to the gorgeous mirror he made for me too.

Not shown but in the same room is the reclaimed window display coffee table housing the gorgeous Indiana hand-hewn bowl near the plant stand that he also made for me!

Did I mention the great two-toned jewelry frame he made me?

More on that later...

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