Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Things Found in the Middle of My Kitchen Floor

I was checking my email yesterday and came across a comment on my blog from an "Anonymous" fan. You know the ones I am talking about...the spammers. How did I know this one was spam?

First, it said "Anonymous" as the name.

Second, it filtered into my SPAM folder .

Third, the comment read "This type of paragraph writing is exciting."

"Paragraph writing." That's hilarious. Obviously it was SPAM, have you ever seen a paragraph on this blog!

Now, if the comment said, "your use of the ellipsis is awe-inspiring" or "the way you use lists is mind-blowing," then I might take it more seriously!

However, I did notice that the comment was on an old blog post about the random items found in the middle of my kitchen floor after three weeks of travel.

That made me think about what was in the middle of my kitchen currently.

This is what was there...

That's not bad you say...a box of beer and the spoils from an Ikea shopping trip.

Well, I went to Ikea 10 days ago.

The beer and Capri Suns have been sitting there for a week before that.

And the only reason they still aren't sitting there is that I ran out of cold beer in the fridge!

This revelation has inspired me to start a new series here on the blog called "Things Found in the Middle of My Kitchen Floor (Really)."

It won't be a regularly scheduled post but it will appear every now and then when I walk in the house and realize that I once again have a pile of random stuff in the middle of the floor.

Feel free to share what's in the middle of your kitchen floor in my comments OR post a photo on my Facebook page with the hashtag - #KitchenFloorPile.

Who knows what will be next...#KitchenTablePile or #SpareRoomPile or #TVRoomChairPile. The possibilities are endless...though the next hashtag I might be using is #FutureEpisodeofHoarders.

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