Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Budding Photographers...from Their Perspective

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Whenever I have an electronic device in my hand, my nephews find me. If they see my smartphone, they put out their grubby little hands and look at me with those oh-so-sweet eyes. I do what any aunt would do...hand it over after turning off the phone function!

As for my camera, they are always cheesing in front of it (note the photo above of G-man) and then wanting to see the photos I take.

Recently, they've taken to my love of photography and wanted behind the camera - or they are just sick of having a camera in their faces all the time.

During our marathon sweet corn freezing, I was sitting on the kitchen for trying to get some shots from a different angle when it happened. I got attacked from both sides by nephews wanting my camera.

I won't say that they are budding photographers but they definitely show the world from their perspective!

Her exact words as the boys were taking this photo were "I don't want to end up on Aunt Mi-Mi's blog." Too bad! All I can think of when I see this one is "Talk to the hand..."

G-man had to re-create his mom's pose.


  1. cute. never know what you will find. I particulary like the mom pose.

  2. Such cute kids and photos. I love taking my photos and it was my Aunt Barb that gave me my love of photography. My oldest loves taking pictures and I try to encourage this; however, last week, when I let her and my mother-in-law take my camera on the streets of NYC, they ended up deleting over 600 photos on my memory card. I only cried for a little bit. :-)

  3. You know they say Disney World is for kids, but the only thing they can really see is everyone else's kiesters! Dang! my spell check doesn't like that K word! My Little Bear LOVES to take pictures. Aren't digital cameras perfect for them to explore their talents?

  4. I have many pictures from when my cousins steal my camera too! one day I'm going to put them all in a book so they can remember. haha this is great!

  5. he is too cute!!! What's up with people afraid that they will end up in our blogs.. lol

  6. That's funny...all Aubree wants is TO BE ON my blog!! lol!! When do we lose that? lol!

  7. That first picture is adorable!

    Thanks for linking up with us today!



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