Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Small Act of Kindness... in the Parking Lot of CVS

I was sitting in my car outside of CVS today when it happened. I was quickly checking my receipt to make sure it was correct (not a lot of great deals this week, but I got a couple).

I glanced over as the car next to me was backing up and noticed a set of keys hanging out of the lock in the passenger side door. I quickly got the attention of the driver and she stopped. I hopped out of my car; ran over to hers; and pulled the keys out of the door.

As I handed them through the window, the driver started to smile and said that she had searched all over for them and thought for sure they had to be in her car! I said it happens to all of us and we shared a laugh.

It was a small thing. The keys probably would have stayed in the lock until she made it home. But if it was me, I would have worried all the way home where the keys could be so I'm glad that I saw them.

It made me smile.

Have you ever done some small act of kindness that brightened your day as well as improved someone else's?


  1. I once saved a diet mountain dew for certain demise on the back of a car bumper driving through a Kroger parking lot... and his owner was VERY appreciative. As a fellow soda addict, I couldn't just stand by and let such an injustice occur.

  2. lol. You two are funny. I can't think of anything I've done like that, although I'd like to think I have done SOMETHING nice for SOMEONE!

  3. I try to get my good deeds in when I can ~ You are so right, it does make you feel good when you help someone else.. no matter how important the job.
    Have a great week

  4. Good deeds? Me? I think you know the answer to that!! Although there was a (cough, cough) very pleasant stranger that I shared a road trip with once as we communicated via sign language through the car window....does that count?? It was definitely memorable...

  5. Yep yep yep! Those who say no good deed goes unpunished, do not have enough faith. We all get by with a little help from our friends, and we all need a guardian angel now and again! Good for you!



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