Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Few Random Thoughts

I feel like I've been overdosing on the Indiana State Fair posts lately (though I still have some great stuff to post, so stay tuned) but I haven't been doing much else worthy of posting on here. However, I do have some random items/thoughts that are not worthy of their own posts, but I want to share. So here they are...

Odd mailbox item
Did you notice the magazine above? Destination the heck did my name get on that mailing list? Heck, it's been a while since I've even been on a date...OK, more like forever! And I'm so not planning a wedding, though if I were, I'd totally be trying to win the honeymoon in Kauai. I am absolutely in love with Kauai - I'd marry it if I could!

Cool new penny
OK, I may have gone out of my way on Saturday just to pick up a fountain Coke Zero from the ONLY gas station in town that offers it, but that's a whole other blog post. When I got back my change, I noticed the new 2010 penny. Abe is still on the front but the tails side got an update with the monument being replaced by a shield. I tried to get a photo of it, but I couldn't get my camera to focus, so it's just sitting in the photo above. I wonder who decides when it's time for our money to be redesigned. Anyone?

Disturbing view from the windshield
On my way through town yesterday while sipping on my Coke Zero, I was passed by three guys on motorcycles. Now, these weren't the motorcycle-gang, going for a cruise Harley Davidson type bikes. They were the bikes that as teenagers we so crudely called "cr$#@& rockets." Now I can't even type the word on this family-friendly blog - let's just say it rhymes with botch and leave it at that.

Now these three guys were being idiots...popping wheelies, weaving back and forth in their lane, nothing I hadn't seen before. That is before I caught a glimpse of the handgun strapped in a holster on the belt of one of the riders! I thought maybe I was wrong and that it was just a big cellphone but I looked again and it was definitely a handgun. Who carries a handgun while out joyriding on his motorcyle in smalltown Indiana? Crazy!

My new favorite candy bar
Have you ever tried a candy bar or other food item; fell in love with it; only to fall into a deep depression when said item is no longer available?

This happened to me several years ago when Hersheys offered the Dark Chocolate Mint Kit Kat during the Christmas holiday season. They sold it in small snack-sized servings and I bought as many bags as I could in fear that it was a limited time offering. I was right. I even emailed Hersheys begging them to reconsider and start making them again. I didn't get a response.

Now, I'm a firm believer that mint (especially peppermint) is NOT just for winter/Christmas treats. I order a peppermint mocha at Starbucks throughout the year EXCEPT for the Christmas season when they jack up the price by calling it a "holiday special."

Sorry, I digress.

A few weeks ago, I discovered the Dark Chocolate Kit Kat at my local Walgreens and while it is not as good as the mint ones, it is now my go-to candy bar when I'm in need of a chocolate fix.

This has been "random thoughts by Gal in the Middle."


  1. 36 years ago....way, way back when...I moved to Colorado from Canada after having become addicted to toffee cruch chocolate bars. They weren't available in the States for some reason and I went into terrible withdrawl.

    As to the guns, that's America for you! Driving in Miami in the middle of the day, I was shocked to see a police cruiser speeding past me, in the inside lane, brandishing his pistol out the window. No sirens. No chase going on, that I could see. Just the gun. Wow!

  2. I loved Charleston bars as a kid, and on occasion I have seen them in the store and looked longingly at the box. Totally LOVE dark chocolate though! I'm going to have to search for this new penny!

  3. Lol. I've gotten Wedding Magz too and wondered if someone sent them to me hinting something. But its a NO so far lol.

    I hate when companies discontinue something i like.. like the Sprite Remix.. :( I miss it so much!

  4. thanks for stopping by acting balanced... I'm with you on the weird stuff coming in the mail lately... but I'm going with it and trying to share my unusual bounty with friends and neighbors... the whole motorcycles and handguns thing would scare me too... and as for fave foods that disappear, it always happens to me... once I'm hooked, they pull it away... or they only make it in Canada, so I have to wait until I head home to visit to get my fix... great meeting you and following you now.

  5. I love the Dark Kit Kats too! Thanks for following! Following you back :)

  6. My "Eat This Not That" book has KK as one of the eat this candy opposed to the "not that" Snickers bar. But I think they are wrong. Sometimes a girl just needs a Snickers of someone might be seriously injured. :)

  7. Love the Kit Kat in dark chocolate best new bar

  8. Lol! Love this post. I seem to recall this peppermint conversation before ;)



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