Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Thirty-nine years ago today, a newly graduated young woman married a fresh-faced farmer (with a year of college to complete) in a beautiful Catholic church in a small Indiana town.

He finished his degree at Purdue, she taught school and then they moved back to the farm.

They raised four daughters while acquiring a few gray hairs and sent their girls out on their own. And though the daughters ventured out into the world, three of the four settled close by. Now they have four grandsons to spoil and two more grandbabies on the way (at least one little girl from their baby girl)!

They've supported each other through sickness (a heart attack that was simply the worst experience of her and her daughters' lives) and in health; through the good times and the bad (the loss of both their fathers within a year of each other and his mother earlier this year).

Through it all, they've stayed a unit and have been wonderful role models of a good, strong marriage.

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

Your Favorite Daughter
(You know I am!)


  1. lol on the fave daughter comment. I bet Frugalista will disagree. :) Love the pics.

  2. Aw......Congrats to your mom and dad. Sounds like they have a great bond that has strengthened over the years. I'm sure your last comment will spark a comment from Frugalistic! :-) Gotta love that sisterly love!

  3. I am giving them their FIRST grand daughter! I think that makes me the favorite! Ha!



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