Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Wild Ride

My family has a great place along the Ohio River that we usually spend many summer weekends enjoying the water, summer games, food and family. However, this year life has gotten in the way and this weekend was the first and probably only time I was able to get down there.

Being the cool aunt that I am, I brought my two oldest nephews down with me and met my parents and Lil' Sister, her hubby and my youngest nephew.

The eldest two nephews decided they wanted to go tubing and since their parents were not with us, we said "Why not!" No really, my dad took it pretty easy on them as it was the red-head's first time on the tube.

Here they are waiting to take off...

And we're off...

"Look ma, no hands."

"I'm not sure we should go any faster..."

Outside the wake...

Tubing is such hard work.

A great ride...

Someone was feeling a little left out...

It was a great day. We also took a nice boat ride and stopped in a little cove we know and almost everyone jumped off the boat for a little swim. Personally do NOT swim in the Ohio River. Ever since I saw that fridge floating by, I just can't do it!

On the way back to camp, I snapped a shot of Ashley Judd's house. Or at least that's the rumor my family is trying to start. The house IS in Kentucky and we all know that Ashley Judd is FROM Kentucky.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Glad you were able to get away!

  2. Looks like a blast!!!
    Pretty house too. Looks like the house from DALLAS.
    Glad that you got out to play. Hey, jump in, maybe there was beer in the floating fridge.

  3. Fun! Love the "People Magazine" sighting of Ashley Judd's home... You might be able to get some good money for that!

  4. So much fun!!! And I am right there with you with NOT swimming in the Ohio River; however, I have jet skied in it. I personally am not a fan of lakes or oceans. I like to be able to see the bottom of where I swim and identify what is in the body of water where I swim so I pretty much stick to pools. :-)



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