Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh, To Be a Kid Again

To celebrate the first full day of spring...

To use up some steaks from my parents' freezer before the new beef arrives...

To just hang out and enjoy the 70 degree weather...

...the family gathered at the cabin for our first official cookout of the year on Monday night.

I caught my youngest nephew entertaining himself on some logs leftover from the cabin build. He was having so much fun that I really wanted to join him.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom photo...I call that his "I'm practicing for my life as a male model" pose!


  1. Very Cute - Definatly think he has a future in the modeling world!

  2. Those eyes~! Great shots! Glad you all had a bit of spring. I hear that the winds of weather are changing. I'm pretty happy with my sunshine down here in sunny FLORIDA. Will try to bring some home, but don't know if it will make it over the Smokies!



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