Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starting the Day DEMENTD

I commute 50 miles to work each way five days a week.

It's really not that bad...mostly Interstate travel.

I was asked recently if I see the same cars on my commute to and from work. You would think that I would but I don't normally recognize the cars around me from one day to the next.

Maybe it's because it's normally dark as I drive in - I head out around 6:15 a.m. most mornings.

Maybe it's because I'm too busy reading license plates and mocking those who I think have a longer commute than I do.

Maybe it's because I'm in a zone and just don't process the cars that either I'm passing or are passing me.

Who knows?

Well, that all changed this morning. I pulled out of Starbucks after my daily stop for caffeine and recognized not a car but a license plate.

It read...DEMENTD.

Wonder why I remembered it?


  1. So glad there is someone else out there who doesn't pay close attention to every car on the road. I'm getting better at recognizing cars/vans/trucks around here and waving because I catch heck for not being social on the road if I don't wave! Love the license plate!

  2. I'm in the same boat as Lana..her comment could have been mine. I wondered the other day if my daughter was pulling up and my son said "mom, you don't know her car yet? She's had it for 2 years!" Well....I know what color it is. :-)

  3. HAHAHAHA! What kind of car is it?

  4. youare TOO FUNNY. i have a weirdo car on my commute - it has that creepy puppet character (jigsaw??) from the SAW movies. it stares out of the back window at you... it's a life-size doll. SO CREEPY. who does that?? DEMNTD people, that's who! :)

  5. funny.

  6. All it takes is something unique to make it easy to remember vehicle ... like a DEMENTD license plate.

    When I had my summer job at Holden Foundation Seeds in Johnson County, I would drive south in my family's old 1973, yellow VW Bug, and nearly every morning I saw an old, powder blue pickup truck with a bug shield that said "Baby Blue" driving north. We waved at each other every time, and I still remember that ... about 10 years later. =)

  7. Too funny. When I was in high school, I met a red suv everyday, at the same place on the highway, and his license plate was MSME97.

    Then, I went off to college, moved, moved again, and now, on my way to work, I travel the same roads I did in high school, but the other direction. I occasionally see him, although I'm now heading the same direction as him, and he has a super nice sports car.

    Mr. MSME97, where do you live, where do you work, and what does your license plate mean?

  8. I used to have a 70-mile commute and, yes, I did see the same cars regularly... but I only noticed because the other driver was some kind of FREAK SHOW!
    I think if someone's remembering you, you're probably sticking out for a reason.



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