Thursday, August 18, 2011

Afternoon with the Three Stooges

Well, they aren't the original Stooges but it's close...

These three crazy guys are my nephews.

They are brothers. They are loud. They are messy. They are silly.

I love them to pieces.

I recently spent a few hours at our great Indiana State Fair with them and their mama (my older sister).

I'm a big believer in enjoying all of the great programming that the fair offers for FREE or close to free.

The boys LOVE the DNR building with the fish pond, park rangers and the target shooting. Conservation officers man a great demo on gun safety for the young and old. These two gun crazy boys (can't all boys turn ANYTHING into a gun?) enjoyed it.

 I had a very nice lady ask me of these two were twins...the one in front is 6 and the one in back is 4!

We also checked out the poultry barn which has a great area in the front that showcases the different breeds of rabbits and poultry. Here's a Flemish Giant, I think.

NOTE: Probably not the best food safety to have the kid eating a sucker while his elbow is very close to rabbit poo...oh well, we hit the hand wash station soon after this, I promise.

One activity that my sister did fork out some cash for is an elephant ride for the boys and a couple of their friends who joined us at the fair. The four in the back are my crew...notice someone missing?

My sister bought all three boys a ticket and when the red-head got to the top of the stairs he chickened out. This is not unusual for the kids...he's a bit of a scaredy-cat.

The funny part of the story was that we were giving him a hard time for not writing and making his mom buy a ticket when the nice man selling the tickets graciously gave my sister her money back for the unused ticket.

After my nephew saw his brothers and friends enjoying themselves on top of the elephant, he convinced his mom to buy yet another ticket for him to ride the elephant.

This time he didn't get within 10 feet of the STAIRS before he chickened out. My sister cajoled. She tried to push him towards the stairs but he was NOT having it.

Luckily, the nice man refunded my sister her money for a second time.

Just another day with my very own three stooges!


  1. Aren't nephews the best? Just spoil them and send them home!

  2. The little rascals look good! I never saw that elephant!?! It's big enough so i shouldn't have missed it but i did!

    I'm glad you and the boys had a great time!

  3. Too much fun! I have one just like Mr. Reluctant. Tink almost didn't get her ears pierced, but she picked one of my few patient days to fuss and cry so we worked our way through it. I was looking for a tall glass with a green drink in it and salt around the rim once the deed was finally done! OYE!

  4. Looks like a blast - I told you abt my girls on the ferris wheel, right? Chickens! :)



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