Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not Such a Star Pitcher

I have never wanted to be a ballerina.

I have never wanted to be a doctor.

And I definitely never wanted to be a baseball player!

However, last night BECAUSE of the job I DO have (and love) I was able to "be" a baseball pitcher for just a moment.

I was at a meeting in Louisville, Ky. (I heart this city) and our evening activity was a night at the Louisville Bats baseball game. Our group had the opportunity to throw out the first pitch...well we were one of seven groups with folks throwing out the first pitch!

I stepped out of the room when they were deciding who would throw that pitch...when I came back in I found out that I was nominated...much to my horror because I DO throw like a girl!

Here I am warming up...

Here's the's really a bat and not a baseball bat.

Here's the group that I was throwing with...I'm sad to say that even the mascots had a more accurate pitch than I did. I DID throw a bit better than the little girl in pink below!

"Oh what am I doing up here?" That's what was going through my head...luckily the stands were not full but I did have a loud cheering section in my soybean farmer-friends.

Before I pitched, the announcer read a nice piece on what Indiana soybean farmers are doing as a group to better their industry and the soybeans they raise so at least the crowd got some education with their entertainment.

The wind-up...

We got our baseballs back as we filed past homeplate...I knew this one was mine because you can see the dirt marks and yes, my pitch DID bounce before it got to homeplate!

It was a fun time but I have to admit I was nervous and would have NEVER chosen to put myself out in front of that many people to throw a baseball. I guess it's important for all of us to put ourselves in positions that make us uncomfortable and help us grow.

Hopefully, I never go to a football game and have the opportunity to kick a field goal! Horror!


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm sure you did a great job. Much better than I would have. Baseball/softball were never my strong sports. I broke my elbow about 2 years ago, so I would have just blamed my bad throwing on that as I do with everything else...bowling, tennis, etc...

  2. You are awesome - that is really cool!

  3. How exciting! I've been making a point to step out of my comfort zone broaden my horizons! You did a great job stepping out of yours!!



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