Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Floating Down the River

Last week I took a tour of the Ohio River and the McAlpine Locks near Louisville, Ky. for work. Originally we were supposed to float down the river on a barge but at the last minute we switched to the Spirit of Jefferson.

Now, while I have a secret fantasy of floating down the Mississippi on a barge to New Orleans, I wasn't too upset that we made the switch.

It was 90-plus degrees out and the Spirit has air conditioning...and a crew that serves cold soft drinks.

The barge has a canopy and a cooler of pop.

The trip is designed so that participants learn a bit more why the river system is so important to farmers. Quite a bit of our corn and soybeans are shipped on our inland waterways.

It was an enjoyable morning on the water. (I love the being on it or near it NOT in it! Unlike another person on the barge...I do NOT want to reach out and hug the river. I admire it from afar.)

We saw a few barges...

We went under a railroad bridge...

We enjoyed a day on the river...

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