Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Posting 2012 Style

I took a look around my house today and realized that I had a lot of randomness going on...perfect for another round of Random Posting!!!

I just can't make myself put this away. I'm not sure why. I think I see it as a representation of all that is good about my four nephews.

I had all four of them spend the night the week after Christmas and it was bedlam. Actually, it was a lot of fun. They are loud, messy and always asking for candy. They get out EVERY toy that is in my closet, including the Jenga game. 

Now they never play Jenga...just use it to build stuff to knock over later. However, they are very good about picking up the toys (after I tell them a couple of times and threaten them with no more candy). 

I looked over during clean up time and the two youngest nephews were stacking up the Jenga game the way I taught them - except for the one missing piece at the bottom. It just made me smile...

Sticking with the nephew theme, here are the two youngest and they stick-on ties that I got them.

Don't they look fancy?

Have you taken down your Christmas tree and decorations yet?

Obviously, you know how I would answer that question! 

I decorate mostly with snowmen so I can keep them up through January but I really need to take the tree down this week. Mainly because my niece is coming to stay with me while her parents abandon her go on a cruise and her bed looks like this right now...

It's a holding bin for my holiday storage bins and some new decorations I bought after Christmas.

Speaking of clutter...I did accomplish a couple decluttering projects while I was off of work during the holidays, including the pantry in my laundry room. 

The pantry holds a bunch of random items, including my huge supply of plastic bags, foil, wax paper and garbage bags. I actually called my mom while cleaning out this section and told her that I might just be a hoarder after finding 6 boxes of wax paper and 10 boxes of aluminum foil. Her response was "bring me some foil and do you have any quart size bags?"

I sent her 3 boxes of foil, a box of wax paper and 3 boxes of plastic bags! 

That's it for this round of Random Posting...until next time!

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  1. Ha! My pack n play looks the same except is has clothes in it to be donated. I only use it when I babysit which isn't every day so it usually just serves as a catch-all. I wish I had all those ziploc bags and waxed paper in my pantry. I'm always running out.



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