Saturday, January 14, 2012

What I Cannot Resist

When I get one of these in the mail, I just cannot seem to stop myself from heading to Kohl's "just to see if there is anything there that I cannot do without."

Especially at an extra 30 percent off!

So, here's a look at some items that I just cannot seem to resist EVER.

 Black Cardigans
(or any other color of cardigan...seriously I probably have 30 of them)

Cute Girls' Clothes
(now with 2 nieces I'm not sure I should be allowed in the Kid's Section) 

 Vera Wang Flats on clearance
(this is my third pair...enough said)

Dish Towels or Washcloths on clearance
(this is the oddest of all but I promised to show you everything)

What are some things that you seem to gravitate towards when you are shopping?

Disclaimer: All the opinions in this post are mine, like they always are. Kohl's doesn't know who I am, except to send me my credit card statements AND coupons!


  1. Totally jealous! Mine was only for 15% off.

  2. I get so excited when it's a 30% coupon!

  3. I did a Kohl's trip tonight too!with the 30% of and sales, I saved over 200 and got $10 Kohl's cash!



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