Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goodbye Old Friend

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday.

A day when some of us go to church in the middle of the day (thanks Hannah).

 A day when some of us walk around with black marks on our heads.

A day when some of us start a 40-day journey that often includes giving up something we really enjoy.

A day when we go to bed STARVED because we tried to fast and succeeded except for the bag of chips and candy bar...

Back to the "giving up" part...

I had to think long and hard about what to do this year. I haven't been very successful in my efforts in the last couple of years. So I really wanted to do something that is indeed hard to do without but not something that I know I would fail at (looking at Facebook, eating candy...others have given these up and succeeded but I'm a weak person).

So this is what I decided on...

That's right, my morning Starbucks.

My reason for getting out of bed some mornings.

My reason for going to work some days. (I get one at the end of my long commute.)

My reason for leaving the house on weekends.

My reason for finishing a workout. (I look at calories burned and can't stop until I've burned enough to offset the calories in my drink.)

Basically, my reason for living.

And since I'll be saving money by giving this up, I've decided to donate what I would have spent on 40 days of Starbucks to my nephew's school. Maybe my caffeine addiction can buy them some new books or something!

I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. VERY IMPRESSIVE - I know you can do it!

  2. What a great idea! Now have you given up all coffee or just the expensive stuff? Hang in tbere. Maybe you can snitch a couple chocolate covered expresso beans on really bad days????

  3. Lent is all about self examination in my mind and this will definitely create that for you! GOOD LUCK.

  4. You are a brave woman. That doesn't sound easy. If it were not for my morning coffee I might still be in bed.

    PS It was nice meeting you at Blissdom.

  5. Good luck, Megan! I miss you already! <3



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