Thursday, February 9, 2012

This or That: The Flu or a Cold

I've been thinking about a new feature here on my blog and decided today was the day to kick it off.

It's called "This or That."

I'll tackle age-old questions like "heels or flats" and "body wash or bar soap" - it'll be great. Trust me!

I'm starting with one that isn't very cool but it's appropriate this time of year...

Stomach Flu or Head Cold

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest

I know this might seem odd but I would totally take a bout of the stomach flu over a head cold any day.

Honestly, I'm in the first stages of a head cold right now and I am miserable. (Maybe I should re-consider this post until I feel better...the Nyquil and Blogger might not mix.)

Here's why I'd choose being nauseous over blowing my nose:

1.  The stomach flu usually lasts 24 hours. A head cold can linger for days, if not longer.

2.  I don't go to work when I have the stomach flu...I don't even THINK about leaving the house. With a head cold, I drag myself out of bed in the morning and sniffle, sneeze and cough my way through the day. By the end of the work day, I feel terrible but the next morning I do it all over again because who stays home with a cold?

3.  With the stomach flu, at least I usually lose a pound or two. Enough said.

4.  The stomach flu seems to only hit once a season. A head cold can hit again and again - or at least it does with me.

5.  There are not a lot of lingering signs of the stomach flu - at least not visible ones - except the weight loss. Two days into this cold and my nose is bright red and I swear that I am more prone to drooling - what's up with that?

I did think of one upside of a head cold over the stomach flu.

I like my "sexy cold voice."

You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Just think about the Friends episode when Pheobe has a cold and her singing voice rocks.

If you want to hear me sing Smelly Cat, I'm available!

So if you have to be sick, which would you choose...Stomach Flu or Head Cold?


  1. I'm sorry. You can have How I Met Your Mother, and all the other knock-offs. I want my FRIENDS back! I think I'm with you on the flu over cold thing. It's like ripping off the band-aide or pulling it painfully off one arm hair at a time. And you are also right about work. I would usually trudge into school hoping to give back as good as I got from the little darlings (high school kids) who probably gave me the initial germ to begin with. BUT there was no 40 mile drive one way when the flu hit! Unfortunately, I rarely get the flu. Crap! I'm knocking on wood as I say that.

  2. I go for the I can whine more than my usual allottment. Mwah!

  3. I am sooo going to love this series and I am with you... stomach flu any day...

  4. Head cold.
    I can drug my way out of most symptoms.
    Way better than breaking the no-barfing streak... or, worse yet, an episode that "goes the other way".

  5. I hope I didn't share my cold/respiratory infection with you in Charleston! Although, I'd take cold over stomach flu any day!!!!



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